Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rooting Woes

Hi there

Has anyone previously had issues when rooting their Samsung Note and had to phone someone like Geeks2u to help them fix it?
Anyone able to recommend a tech guy that can fix issues that happen with rooting.
Basically, every time i start up the phone, it always boots into TWRP


  • that shouldn't be too hard, where are you from?

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    Sounds like you have flashed over your phone firmware somehow. It shouldn't be too hard to fix if you can still boot into TWRP. Here is a guide if you want to revert back to stock rom.

    Then follow this guide to put TWRP back on:

    I would only use Magisk to root the phone, which is easy to flash using TWRP. Any other method to root may cause SafetyNet to fail, which will cause app problems like no Google Pay, etc.

    • Doing it now using those guides you posted.
      I rooted using supersu when i should have done it with Magisk

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  • yeah usually can be fixed by flashing the official stock firmware. or check xdadev forum

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    • Android is based on Linux.

      In Linux the default administration account is called root.

      Ordinarily the user cannot access the root account for security reasons but some users want to modify the phones software which requires root.

      Some manufacturers allow root access while many don't. If they don't then the device needs to be exploited (if an exploit exists) to gain root.

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  • Thanks for the info.
    Stock ROM was flashed and phone was working fine.

    Then i copy Magisk and supersu zip onto internal storage of the phone. I check contents of the phone and they are there.

    Used Odin to flash TWRP. When booting to TWRP, using the Install option, it lists the folders.
    None of the folders contain the Magisk zip. That is I cant flash Magisk
    I reboot and noticed that the name of the phone is 'omni_crownlte' and the every time I reboot, it boots to TWRP.

    So I think I'm back at the starting point again! Arrrghhh

    Me thinks the TWRP I flashed with Odin is corrupt

    • it's been a while since I flash samsung phone to custom firmware but to go back you have to use odin to flash back to stock firmware, THEN wipe out all data (using odin) (couldn't remember the correct option to tick), otherwise the phone still retains some old rooted file and you think your phone is corrupt.

      • Thanks heaps. I'll give it a shot.

  • I'll ask for your expertise again -:)

    When Odin is used to install TWRP - it's the AP slot that the TWRP file goes into. Thats the instructions from people writing about flashing TWRP
    But that appears to overwrite the stock rom.
    Basically, what happened is that when I flashed TWRP, when it rebooted, the contents of the stock rom were cleared. So with every boot, it goes into TWRP

    Second question is I would like to wipe all data using Odin, but not clear on whether it's just the NAND Erase option that's required. I dont need the PIT files right?

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