Buying new Suzuki Vitara Turbo

Does anyone own a Suzuki vitara turbo? Is it a reliable car?

Please advise



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    Does anyone own…

    Someone probably does.

    Is it a reliable car?

    Some seem to think so

    Please advise

    Good, solid SUV from a company that is known for turning out reasonably good quality cars for the price. It may not have every feature, but that is reflected in the price. If you wanted a small, inner city, or urban SUV, you could probably do worse. If you wanted a car with all the latest tech gadgets and driving features, you could probably do better…

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    Urgh. Another metro/urban SUV thread.

    Do you have any rocky terrain along your daily commute?

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      The main component in roads is rocks

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      They need the height to see over the SUVs in front.


      I don't know if you've noticed but SUVs and crossovers, for better or worse, are the most popular segment at the moment and manufacturers are embracing them with open arms. Even the new Mustang is an electric crossover.


        Yep, and it's only led to lazier and worse drivers, worsening road conditions from all the extra weight, more congestion in parking lots due to soccer mums needing 3 spaces to park, the ever-highest risk of your car being bumped or scraped, and not to mention countless toddlers being run over in parking lots. This needs to stop.


          That doesn't make sense, most SUVs have dimensions (except height) less than a Holden Commodore VF and the one OP mentions weighs only 1060KG. How does it lead to lazier drivers?


            @juzza87: People know they're in a car that's safer in an accident (for them), gives them more visibility (or at least makes them think they have more visibility), and basically eliminates the need to navigate around bumps, gutters, potholes, or rocky/slippery surfaces due to the increased suspension and height. Hence why most SUVs you see are in terrible condition - most people just drive carelessly knowing there are little to no immediate consequences. Put those drivers back in a small sedan and watch how quickly they turn into diligent and careful drivers when they know most common hazards can damage their car.



            That doesn't make sense

            That sums up the person you're replying to…


      No normal inner city road in sydney

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    Used to sell them, liked my turbo demo, much better than the 1.6L.

    Can't say anything about long-term ownership. Build quality wasn't 100%, needed to slam the doors harder than normal or they wouldn't fully shut. Not sure if fixed in the last 2 years.

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