Roller Shutter Company Wants to Charge Call out Fee

I had roller shutter installed on my garage door. The invoice says following

5yrs Warranty on Electric and Battery motors unless specified.
-5yrs + 5yrs extended warranty on Shutter and component
-1 year installation and labour warranty

3 years after installation, the remote has stopped working and shutter also won't open using fixed switch installed on the internal wall. I contacted the company and they said they will charge $99 as call out fee.

Are they within right to charge call out fee considering the product is under warranty?


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    Only if the fault is caused by user damage I would say?
    What did they say when you queried them in light of the warranty situation?
    Does your warranty information say anything about a call out fee?
    How bad do you want the door fixed?


      They said they will come and replace motor or any component if required but they will charge call out fee.

      There is no mention of call out fee on the invoice. I think it will be more than $99 if I get someone else to have a look and repair so $99 is not bad. But I am quering whether this call out is justified within warranty period.

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        If the repair is a warranty repair, then they cannot charge any fee.

        They might charge a call out fee that is refunded if the fault is a warranty fault but kept if the fault is not a warranty fault.

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    Does the electric/battery/shutter warranty included labour?

    Your warranty dot points only show a year warranty on install and labour…you are 2 years outside that .


      No it doesn't show anything else apart from what I have written.

      When my washing machine and fridge stopped working within warranty period, it was replaced/repaired with no call out fee. I thought it was standard practice for all case where the product is within warranty period?

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      yes, it should include labour. They can hardly hand you the part and say "balls in your court"


    Sounds like a stitch up. They may be technically right to charge you a call out fee per @SBOB's comment, but I think any reasonable person would expect that where something under warranty has failed, the warranty would cover all actions directly related to the correction of that failure.


    If it still is under warranty, then there should be no call out fee. They are required to warranty it at their own expense as that is what they offered with the product.

    If they charge a call out fee, and you refuse, and they refuse to come to fix the item under warranty, then they are breaking their warranty terms. Report them to the accc.

    If i was you i would refuse to pay it.

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      Report them to the accc.


      How did Ozbargain users develop this false belief that the ACCC is interested or will do anything about such types of complaints ?

      "Report them to the ACCC" is useful a piece of advice as "Bikies".


      If they charge a call out fee……..Report them to the accc.

      See that bit that says 1 year labour warranty……….. Its 3 years old. You do the math.

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    to me it reads that:

    *if there is an issue with 'their' installation within a year they will fix it free;
    *If the product is fine, but their install has an issue, then you are outside of their install warranty and yes a service call fee is fine;
    *the rest to me reads: if there is a warrantable product failure, then they should fix it for free - i.e. no callout.

    Might be a silly comment, but the battery may be flat on the remote, although I would expect more than 3 years out of the battery for the remote.
    I know the 2 motors that I put on my garage doors, the remote batteries have been well in excess of that.
    I do find that depending on how you press the button it sometimes doesn't contact to trigger the signal.

    To assist with that issue,that I also have:
    Amazon - Supplied by: XProject6666
    TOOGOO WiFi Switch Garage Door Controller for Car Garage Door Opener APP Remote Control Timing

    I find that it works really well, Others have ordered and commented that it works well.
    the only issue is the magnetic contact which tells you and the app if its open or closed, is where and how to position it.
    Currently mine is in reverse, so when its open is says its off and when its closed it says its on, I cannot place the contacts to make it say different.
    Well I can, but I have to put in time to work out the brackets and placement to make it work.
    but with IFFT I made it so I can say 'open or close *** and it does exactly what I ask. Plus I can open/close it from anywhere..

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      That sounds slaving, wish I knew how to do that. I used to get so paranoid about leaving my garage door open after I leave for work and have to turn back to check because it was driving me nuts


    If this is modern they pulled the same nonsense on a relative on shutters not even 12 months old.

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    You’re not having a lot of luck, washing machine, refrigerator and roller door all breaking down in the warranty period.

    With the household goods the manufacturer provided the warranty and the repairs, not the retailer.

    With roller door the installer gave a warranty on their work not on the equipment which is covered by the manufacturer

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      …washing machine, refrigerator and roller door all breaking down in the warranty period.

      This probably indicates a problem with the user rather than the products. LOL

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    OP, by roller shutter are you talking about an automatic garage door?

    The most common fault is a power outage wiping the settings. It simply takes 5 minutes of perusing the manual and about 5 minutes on a step ladder pressing some buttons to resolve. Have you tried this?

    This will identify whether it's a programming fault (won't be covered under warranty) or an actual mechanical fault. If the latter then there should be no charge. If you explain that you've attempted to reprogram then they'll quickly change their attitude.

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    Are they within right to charge call out fee considering the product is under warranty?

    You only had a 1 year parts labour, so yes they can charge a call out fee.

    1 year installation and labour warranty

    As this has now come and gone by 2 years, you pay the call out fee and they replace all the parts etc for free


    Have you tried going direct to the manufacturer, they might send out a technician for free?


    Update: I decided to pay call out of fee. They have come out and apparently it requires new cabling and receiver. That's said, they are saying the remote was only 2 years warranty so they can't give it free of charge.

    Can I force them to give it free based on following warranty conditions? If they don't budge, is it fair trading complaint?

    5yrs Warranty on Electric and Battery motors unless specified.
    -5yrs + 5yrs extended warranty on Shutter and component
    -1 year installation and labour warranty


      new cabling

      this seems wrong…cabling doesnt generally 'wear out'

      new remote..i'd just be chasing down a third party option if possible

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