[Insufficient Details Upcoming Deal] 15% off eBay Plus Listings (eBay Plus Members), 10% off eBay Plus Listings (Non-Members)

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Received a message about the next eBay Plus sale. Worth waiting for if what you're planning to buy is part of the eBay Plus listing.

In 2020, eBay Plus will evolve to become a fast delivery program for buyers.

From 3 to 7 December, we are fully funding an onsite promotion for eBay Plus listings that meet our evolving criteria. It will include a discount of 15% off for eBay Plus members and 10% off for nonmembers.

Mod: Moved to forums, insufficient details for upcoming deal. The deal is missing information regarding minimum spend (if any), maximum discount (if any) and we can't completely verify whether it would apply to all eBay plus listings at this stage (the email seems to suggest it will), furthermore the eligible sellers may change in the next 15 days. Moved to forums as a heads up to users, but it should be re-posted as a deal once more/exact details are known.

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