What's The Best OzBargain Phone Signal Booster?

I got the ozbargain $100 Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Home Mesh WiFi boost. Now i need one for phone signal.


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    Usually they're network locked. Try various models from Cel-Fi


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    What's the best ozbargain phone signal booster?

    A legal one….

    Why not look at getting a phone that supports wifi calling etc?

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    Mobile signal boosters are illegal in Australia, if you get one and switch it on you will likely get a visit from ACMA and face hefty fines. See: https://www.acma.gov.au/devices-we-prohibit

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      Penalties for breaching the rules can be a fine of up to $1.05 million or up to 5 years in prison.

      Very hefty indeed.

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        Yep. OP take note, ACMA doesn’t play around, from experience they are very good at pinpointing the exact location of your eBay purchased booster. dont risk it. Instead call the mobile network provider in your area and let them know of poor quality signal, more often than not they will investigate and rectify the issue if it is within their control. It may even be that someone else is running a booster in your area that’s actually causing interference.


      Mobile signal boosters are illegal in Australia

      Not true, while 99% are illegal, there are legal ones, see the link posted above, being https://www.cel-fi.com.au/cel_fi_models.html

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        Let's be honest, most people are not going to spend >$1000 for a network-locked booster and instead will be jumping on ebay to get a "universal" repeater. Those are very much illegal.

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          Let's be honest, most people are not going to spend >$1000 for a network-locked booster

          They're about $700 from the page linked above.

          But as we're being honest, price has nothing to do with your claim that 'Mobile signal boosters are illegal in Australia', the fact is they're not illegal if like most things you use the RIGHT ones.

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    I think these devices need to be installed professionally, and need to be configured for a specific telco (they repeat the signals they receive essentially and are locked down to a specific telco). They won't be cheap or as easy to setup like consumer wireless routers..

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      Yep these are specific to Telstra only and should be professionally installed indeed. Any eBay boosters are illegal to operate.

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    thanks no wonder i couldn't find them.

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    The Cel-Fi boosters which Telstra also advertise are NOT illegal. Some models can be set up by the user and don’t need professional installation. Cost about 800/- or so. Sometime you can find used ones on eBay.


      Telstra Go Mobile Repeater

      The Telstra Go is a mobile repeater device that maximises coverage for better voice and data connectivity and quality for moving vehicles.

      Telstra Go Mobile Stationary Repeater

      The Telstra Go stationery repeater maximises indoor coverage.

      According to Telstra

      Also says at the bottom of this page:

      Customers can take up the Telstra Go Repeater on a monthly repayment plan or purchase the device outright, at $648 for the stationary version or $720 for the portable version. The stationary version will require an external antenna at an additional cost and is recommended to be professionally installed by Telstra. Telstra does not offer installation for the portable version and it is recommended that customers arrange installation by an auto-electrician if required.

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