Dell U2718Q or LG 27UL600-W?

Hey everyone,

Which of these two 4K monitors should I go for?

Both are IPS and 27 inch. Both are non-glare.

I plan to use it for non-gaming purposes. I want a 27 inch monitor at least and nothing smaller.

Dell has pivot which I don't care for but it does have extra USB ports, which seem quite nice!

Both of them are within my budget.

Any insights or advice is greatly appreciated!


Official comparison:



    Whats the price you're looking at for either?

    I have a Dell U2718Q and a Dell P2715Q (previous gen 4K monitor), both awesome monitors. I don't game either, the crispness using 4K is just amazing.

    Can't fault it, build quality is the usual bulletproof Dell.

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