55'' 4k Gaming TV for under $900 - Buy Now or Wait until Black Friday

Hi all, I'm looking to buy a 55'' 4k TV which will be used mostly for gaming (sports PC games and Nintendo Switch) and watching sports through Kayo. I've heard that 100Hz TVs are recommended for these uses. Additionally, I would love for the TV to have smart connectivity as I have several Google Homes around the apartment.

I've been looking mostly at the Hisense (55R7 and 55R6) and some TCL models. However, the information on the refresh rate is somewhat confusing as different retailers report different rates (motion rate vs. refresh rate). So I am open to any suggestions about which TV make and model I should buy.

I'm looking to spend under $900. For any suggestions should I buy now at the current discount rates or wait for a couple of weeks?

Thanks for your help in advance!



    If you are a casual gamer go for it but if you play competitive online games be warned, the big tv screens generally have high input lag (time between you pressing a button on the controller to when the action happens on the screen) looks like the best rated hisense has around 15ms for 4k gaming which isn't bad but would definitely put you at a disadvantage in competitive online games.



    Does Hisense have wifi issues? I ve seen posts regarding this on couple of websites. It looks like wifi frequently disconnects and the apps freeze. Is it with all the models or just some (keen to know for p8 and R8 models) ?