Decent Camera/Camcorder from GearBest or Similar?

I'm looking to buy a point and click camera, and a camcorder (two separate things, which are different to each other) for a couple of kids for Christmas presents. They are old enough to not want "kids" cameras, but really just need something that will take decent photos and be reliable. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about any chinese made ones on places like gearbest, or banggood, but I don't really mind what, from where. I saw vivitar on sale at Big W for $29, but they got terrible reviews.
I'd prefer to keep them under $50 - is that feasible?
Any suggestions?

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    Anything new at that price point probably be a waste of money. At ~$50 a low end smartphone will probably have better quality.

    There are possibly some second hand options therefore they might not make good gifts and supply is unreliable.

    Edit: a quick google search brought up a Coolpix s6500 refurb for $89 and seems to be the lowest I can't find for anything right now. It's also on their eBay store and free shipping if you have eBay plus.


      Thanks for the response. I don't mind second hand in theory, and there are a few things on Gumtree, but I'm just nervous as I've been burned with second hand items (not literally, just the experience!)

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