Plumbing - Converting Shower Taps

My house burnt down and the replacment house has an old shower with seperate taps. I want to replace them with a mixer and not have to make a large hole in the tiles. I have an adapter arm to connect to the new thermostatic mixer but the end that needs to go into the pipework in the wall (the breech) has a BPS 1/2 thread and I need to convert that to 5/8# thread. I have searched everywhere and can not find a threaded bush to convert 5/8 to 1/2. I know Quoss makes a converter but it is about $150 each. Can anyone suggest any alternative? or where I could get a 5/8 to 1/2 adapter/bush or get one made? I am in Melbourne




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    Okay so this post started out way more seriously than I thought.

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    It's a shot in the dark, but I reckon a plumber might be able to help.

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    A plumbing supplies store such as Reece, Tradelink etc will have the fitting you want.

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    Did you not get a say in the tapware they installed in the newly built house?




    Found something on US amazon

    But are you sure about that 5/8" size? That size might be standard in another application, but not yours. So unusual to have it forced on you like this. Where did you get the mixer, and how is it intended to be installed if they require some non-standard size?

    If it's a Quoss mixer, it looks as though they include various sizes in the box? So you would just go straight to the 1/2" fitting and skip any adapter.

    Otherwise, you might be better off just returning whatever model you got and getting something that includes the very standard size you need.

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    "My house burnt down and the replacment house" please tell me more…