Outdoor Security System for Home

Hi all,

Considering getting something like this for home as it is quite discreet and stores the video unlike others that require a subscription. Seems like a reasonable price too.


While I'm at it, considering getting something for the backyard so I'm looking for a suggestion on a wireless camera that will alert me if it sees someone/something.



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    You might need to chat with an installer/retailer as there would be a number of questions you need to clarify before we can give good suggestions. How many cameras do you want? Are you reliable enough to remember to charge the battery or should you get something hardwired in? What sort of image quality are you after?

    If you're in Brisbane, try these guys: https://www.facebook.com/Robinandsons/


    How about a dog.

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    Why do you want surveillance? Is it for protection of your home? They won’t stop offenders they just wear gloves and cover their faces etc. police will download any footage and circulate a district wide BOLO and that’s it. The horse has already bolted. If you want to actually deter intruders then invest in crim safe or similar. Or even dummy cameras. All you need is something overt to make them second guess and move onto an easier target.


      Fair points. Might throw some dummy cams up in the backyard.

      Can't have anything avert in front of house due to landlord….no idea why but I think one of the doorbell type cams is fine.


      Sorry but this is a dumb suggestion.

      The majority of thieves will not block their face, especially on the right angles.

      Unless you are targeted by some kind of organised crime group, cameras are one of the most effective ways to deter and catch them.

      Also FYI, dummy cameras are quite obviously fake, you might fool some dumb thieves, but those same dumb thieves won't care and won't block their face, and you still won't have footage.


    You can try the outdoor camera from Xiaomi, which run on rechargeable litium battery claimed to last 4 months.


    I had one on order pending delivery, and therefore cannot comment on it.

    I do have one of the Xiaomi doorbell with camera for my front door. The photo and video are good. However, due to the way they are mounted to a flat vertical surface, it is not ideal to monitor a large area and in the direction you want.

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