What Do You Classify as a Chicken Wing Piece?

So this came up a while back whilst I was eating at a restaurant.

Another patron was complaining that they received only half the chicken they should have. That being they ordered 6 wings pieces and only got three.

So do you class a wing piece as two sections or one?

Wingette & drumette as two or one?

I personally can see where the guy was coming from because he paid like $15.

I've been to both types of restaurants and received both. I have received a full wing as a 1 piece count and a half a wing as a 1 piece count.

Don't get me started when Korean chicken places cut a thigh or breast piece in half.

Asking for a friend…let's end this confusion.

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    A chicken wing is two pieces.
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    A chicken wing is one piece.


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    a chicken wing consists of 3 pieces.. the tip, mid wing and drumette.

    most place will either give you

    • the whole 3 pieces attached together as one(1) wing,
    • or the tip and mid wing attached as one(1)wing,
    • or separated it all and give you the drumette or mid wing as one(1) wing
    • it would be quite dickie if an establishment to give you the tip piece only as one(1) wing

    if they are attached when serving that's one(1) wing if they are separated then each piece is one(1) wing.


      Completely forgot the tip piece as I've never seen it served as one piece, either attached to a wing as a whole or part of the wingette

      So I guess you need to ask before ordering to truly understand what you will receive beforehand.

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    At a restaurant, I generally expect a "chicken wing" to be a wingette or drumette.

    I don't count KFC since their chickens are so small.


    Looking at the Poll…
    Are you getting ripped off getting wicked wings from KFC?

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      probably not.. the pieces of wing from wicked wings are larger.. if you went cost to weight ratio… it would be better with the wicked wings.

      that's why when at KFC and I get wicked wings I ask if they can give me as many mid wing pieces as possible.
      and when I order original its as many thigh pieces as possible.


    it depends where you are and how much you're paying.
    In restaurants it's normally as part of a meal and that's probably by the number of wings on the plate whether they cut it or not. If you're not happy with the amount, don't order there again.
    At Pubs/social places they normally do it by weight - you get a 1/2 kilo of wings whether they are cut or not.

    While I'm not a chef I would assume it's all judged by weight anyway as that's how they would assume cost vs price and how they get their profit.


      I've never really noticed it by the kilo.
      Most pubs usually do $2 a piece or $1 piece for the times I am there. Usually a promo. And 1 piece being a wingette or drumette.

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    I classify them as the bit I don’t like.

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