Eufy and Arlo Wireless Camera Experiences?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience using either Eufy or Arlo outdoor security cameras?

Need a security camera that I can install myself ASAP, and I've heard good, and bad things about each of those.

I was considering the Eufy 2, or Arlo Pro 2.

Eufy 2:

Arlo Pro 2:



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    We use the Wyze Cam V2 and it's the best little camera …great price and app too.

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    Here's a comprehensive review between them:

    It's a pretty good summary. Overall, I am still with Arlo only because I find the set up easy and still use their free cloud storage (7 days). Netgear unfortunately are cranking the money-grab train and they are pushing their subscription paid services. Along with the higher frequency of releases of new models, I am finding myself researching again for more viable option in the future. At this point, Arlo is still the best option for me because of the cloud services, I don't like storing these files locally.

    I am pretty confident though that someone should come from underneath and dethrone Netgear in this area. The convenience of wireless, cloud storage, and set up is quite appealing. The IQ and audio quality on their cameras (AP2) is OK, there are plenty out there that provide better image quality and audio quality but I feel as an overall package, Arlo are still the best for me.

    I've no experience with Eufy. The battery life is very appealing. Image and audio quality are clearly better. But local storage, and the fact that these cameras have a short lifespan is a sow-stopper for me.

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      Arlo used to be the leader with their cloud offering and easy to use/set up cameras, and I am also still using my Arlo Pro 2. But since spinning off from Netgear, they've really started pushing the subscriptions and newer models which seem to be coming out regularly all seem to be moving in the subscription direction to unlock the new features/potential. I was planning to get my parents into Arlo given the ease of cloud storage and what I perceive to be much more secure and convenient compared to traditional/cheap IP cameras which requiring a bit of fiddling/know-how, but the push on the subscription side of things has stopped me.

      I'd also note that the customer support and subsequent patches have left me wanting - there are plenty of people who have had issues with the CVR functionality in Arlo Pro 2 (which is a paid subscription feature) and even now, it still doesn't seem to work reliably. There may be workarounds (eg disabling other features to make sure CVR works) but given it was a key selling point of the Arlo Pro 2 when it came out and it's been a while and still not reliable despite all the troubleshooting, I'd rather not waste money unnecessarily.

      My plan is to keep Arlo Pro 2 running as my main cloud camera, but potentially set my NAS up again with a traditional IP camera on 24/7 recording. Not yet decided.

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    I may be able to help here.
    I have had different types of cameras from arlo, ring and Wyze with a friend just setting up Eufy cameras a week ago.
    Arlo and Eufy would be the two I would land on for a few reasons. Arlo has some amazing features, solar panels allow you to set and forget and the quality of some of the high end Arlo cameras are second to none. However, the notifications on the arlo are severely delayed compared to the ring cameras.
    Eufy, is also fantastic because you are able to grab the feed and record locally as well as a heap of other very interesting features. Plus the cameras are also very well put together and have a good build quality.
    Wyze is amazing bang for buck and on a budget you would be hard to beat these.

    Pros - Great quality cameras, solar panels, amazing build quality and very handy features
    Cons - expensive, subscription fees, had some randoms drop outs and uses their own base (cannot be extended with a wifi extender)

    Pros - reliable, solar panels, never had a dropout and low latency
    Cons - subscription fees, video quality isn’t great, false notifications or missed

    Pros - no subscription fees, can run fees into third party programs, great vans build quality, amazing battery life
    Cons - no solar panel (as yet), relatively expensive

    Pros - cheap and amazing value for money
    Cons - upcoming subscription fees and some security issues from memory.

    Hope this makes some sense, happy to answer any questions you may have.


      Fantastic run-down. Thank you!

      I'm now leaning towards Eufy after reading your comment, and reviews for the Arlo and Eufy apps on the playstore.

      May be a dumb question, but are you able to rewind footage via the Eufy app to see people approaching before the alert is triggered?

      Also do you have a preference on the model of Eufy camera? I noticed officeworks has Eufy 2, and JB have the original Eufy and Eufy 2C.

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        Not a dumb question at all, pre-buffering is not normally a feature located on battery powered cameras, this is due to the fact the cameras had to be recording before motion/sound triggered a recording. The Arlo’s can do this if plugged in, cannot say if this is the case with the Eufy, maybe someone else can clarify.
        As for the model, I would recommend the non-2c model (purely as it’s the only one I’ve seen in action).

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    Been using the Arlo Pro 2 for about a year now, I bought the 4x Camera box but only use 3 cameras. I charge the spare camera and anytime I need to replace the battery I use the spare battery which has no down time.

    I like the option of having a solar charger too but didnt invest into that just yet.
    Battery life is about 3 weeks for high traffic areas (about 20 notifications a day) or about 5-6 weeks for low traffic areas (about 5 notifications a day-ish).
    I looked into the 4k Arlo cameras but you need to have a subscription so pass on that.

    -Pro 2 has free 7 day re-occurring subscription. I'm not paying for the smart submission with facial recognition
    -Easy to setup
    -app has great functionality
    -video size is small and barely impacts the network speed

    -"Zoning" doesnt work as intended & needs to be plugged in to function.
    -High wind / leaves set off the camera
    -Pets set off my cameras all the time

    Notes: I setup a motion sensor for dark areas to help with recording at night. Super helpful

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      free 7 day re-occurring subscription.

      This is great we are using Arlo 1 with free cloud.

      I think it’s worth mentioning though free cloud applies to a maximum of 5 cameras (at least it does with Arlo 1st gen).

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    I just installed Eufy camera and its great. Definitely recommend it. But wait until the 29th this month for black Friday.

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    I have the 4x camera eufy and it's a fantastic set up. The battery life is what sold me, and I'm impressed with the app. No subscription fees, win!

    I set up my partner's Arlo at their place, and I just don't like the fact we have to charge it every 1-2 months.

    Image quality between the two are comparable and good quality.

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    Take note Enfy battery is not removable.

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    Recently purchased the Arlo PRo 2's via's "Renewed" program.

    2 Camera pack was $314USD delivered inc GST ~= $460AUD
    Was shipped via DHL in a few days.

    Rated to work at 110-240V although the supplied AC adapter is only rated at 110V ( which strangely worked for a few days before dying … )
    so you would need to procure an 240v AU one to use with it.

    So far so good, there is a slight "live" delay of 3-4 seconds.
    Notifications are almost instant on Android.

    Very easy to set up and get running.

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    Another thing Eufy E is in the review, I could not find any review on the AUS model.
    I have Arlo pro 2 and WYZE V2/PAN.

    Arlo Pro 2 had issues of dropouts and slow to live videos and recorded cloud videos at most times. USB storage Videos is not accessible by app/internet, you have to unplug USB Drive and plug it to a PC. Overall great system, with some minor software limitations.

    Wyze is fast to connect to live feed and recorded videos, but the storage is in SD card. The cloud free storage is 12 seconds with cooling period 5 mins. (not useful). Subscription will be USD $1.49/mth for proper recording. launching soon now beta testing.

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    Can you get power to it ? I've got a Uniden Xlight above my front door. It is excellent. SD card storage so no fees. A small light built in that lights the doorway. Records and captures about 5 seconds before each trip event. Sound. Google home integration. I was able to zone out moving trees that caused false trips. Even the app works ok.


      Sounds great, but unfortunately I can't get power to it.

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    fyi Arlo Pro2 claims 6 months battery life, its really about 1-2months.

    charging it, climbing up etc swapping battery is annoying

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    I'm also looking at either of these camera's, leaning towards the Eufy's because they don't need ongoing subscription fee + 365 day battery life.
    Seems the Eufycam 2 is released in the US, don't know if there is much difference except having the new homebase. Hoping they are available here soon, otherwise if there's any good deal on Black Friday I'll snatch them up, missed out on the $499 + 20% GG discount earlier :(

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