Cudo Likely to Cancel Order Made with Gift e-Visa Card Because They Don't Believe It's Me

So, 28/10 I got a US$5 e-visa card for filling in a survey. Thought I'd use it for something fun so bought a cudo voucher for mini golf for the family.
Ordered no problem including giving them the visa card number, expiry etc. Got the voucher.

Then yesterday I get this really weird email from them (text below) basically asking me to prove that I bought it otherwise they'll cancel it. The only way they'd accept for that is if I give them the original card details. I'd already moved on and deleted the details after using it all up - it was a one-off card, and after all I'd already provided details.

I talked to their 'help' online…I asked if there was something else I can give to prove it's me? They could not help but said they would let the fraud team know I'd been in touch.

I have no problem in giving proof of my identity.
I do, however, have great trouble getting them the credit card number.
I used it, paid for it, then threw it away - it was a short term card (a gift from a company - not a bank) It was for US$5.
I did already provide all of the above information when I booked my cudo.

Just wanted to flag this with ozbargainers and also see if anyone else has had the same problem??

What is irking me is that the burden of proof is allegedly mine to show I paid for it, otherwise they say they can cancel it just like that. Their sub point of the sub point of their T&C's that they quote is strange in my mind…
Come to think of it, if I'd paid through paypal (which I didn't - not worth adding a $5 card once off) they wouldn't even know this.

Weird email is as below:

Thank you for shopping with Cudo.

As part of the service that we offer at Cudo, we always strive to ensure that our customer's purchases are processed and received on time, and also ensure that your experience with us is as best as can be.

Part of our service, is to ensure that your Financial Security is protected at all times.

Due to an issue with our payment merchant, we always like to ensure that the purchase of (THEY INCLUDED THE DETAILS HERE) is legitimate, processed by yourself, the rightful owner of the Credit Card used.

To do this, we do request our customers to provide us with additional identification such as the last four digits of the credit card used, the country of origin and the expiry date.

Should you choose not to forward through the details requested, you do run the risk of having your order cancelled, and your account marked as fraudulent.

We do realise that this email may come across as a fraudulent email in itself, please refer to our terms and conditions here -

Under 36. Identification requirements it states – 36.2 In an effort to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards or other payment options, we will make reasonable efforts to validate the legitimacy of the order and/or the cardholder's identity, which may include requesting proof of identity.
Should you wish to reach out to us directly to confirm this information, please feel free to do so via 1300 726 676 or via the Live Chat function on

As mentioned, we conduct this check and request the above to ensure the safety of our customers as well as ourselves in regards to fraud.

If you would kindly forward through the details requested ASAP so that we can remove the temporary hold we have placed on your order, and activate your account.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Cudo Fraud & Security Support*

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    I would decide that the opportunity cost of persuing this $5 is much too high.

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    The system probably can't differentiate between a visa gift card or a credit card. Thus they must take the same precautions to avoid fraudulent purchases and chargebacks.

    They're not asking for proof that you bought it, they're asking for proof that you own the card.

    Just quickly use the voucher and move on.

  • +1 vote

    I'd already moved on

    Time to do that again.

  • +1 vote

    You've spent way more then $5 claiming this…suggest you move on.


    Quickly use the voucher before they cancel it.

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