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With the increase in air pollution due to recent bushfires, I'm seeking OzB expertise re: recommendations for the best cabin air filter and any other handy hints for improving air quality in the car.

Totally overwhelmed when I searched for cabin air filters on the Repco & Supercheap Auto websites due to the sheer number & range available.

I also had a look at the National Asthma Council Australia Car Air Filters Factsheet for some pointers however unclear whether information is still relevant due to date reference of 2013?

Noticed a few google results on car air purifiers - are these a viable option?

Looking forward to your recs. Thanks in anticipation everyone.


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    I recently ordered MANN filters. I did some googling and research on some auto sites and it got some good reviews. Bosch is also good.

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      Thanks @sab2000 - Mann & Bosch added to the list


      +1 for Mann or Mahle

      There are sometimes 2 types, one is a pollen filter, the other is a carbon filter to "extract" smells.

      Would be nice to know what car…

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    Also read the same about Mann, however after looking into it I got the sense there's not a great deal of difference between the major brands.

    I ended up getting a Ryco with activated charcoal (have "ac" in the product number) and it turned out good. The charcoal is supposed to filter out odours better - don't know how true, but it was only $1 more.

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    op, just curious, are cabin air filter, installed where the air conditioning vents are in the car?

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    I have used these people for years..great quality and prices.


      Thanks @Goutee - colleagues at work suggested checking out what cabin air filters are most popular in smog affected cities in other countries!

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    I've been using the K&N washable and reusable cabin air filters for a few years, don't know if they are any better at filtering out crap than other brands but definitely better than the OEM filter that came with my car.

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      pores gett bigger over time like vacuum cleaner bag, should change them. Dont see the point in reusuable K&N filters


      Thanks @Hithere Good to know that you've noticed a difference. It would be interesting to know whether there are differences in the standard of cabin air filters for Aus market vs those supplied to other countries where poor air quality prevails.

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    How long do you spend in the car at a time.

    IMO unless you are in there for now than an hour at a time it’s probably not gong to make much difference.

    You need to be very careful with subjective ‘I fitted an xxxx and it’s sooo much better’ anecdotal responses. They are often quite tainted with confirmation bias. Ie I bought a new thing and it’s going to be better, so I think it is - without any actual measurements to back it up.


      This all started as my husband came home early after feeling unwell due to the smoke haze which was especially bad yesterday plus he had to drive for 3hrs to an offsite for work.

      Neither of us have any allergies but want to be proactive seeing as the bushfire season started so badly rather early and forecast to be worse during summer

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        It’s tough outside at the moment. I’ve been working slow all week in Newcastle, but having a cold has been making it worse.

        Whatever you do see if you can find out what particulate size it filters out and keep in mind the finer the filter the less airflow and more often it will need replacement.


          Thanks for the advice, @Euphemistic.

          Considering asking choice to conduct a review!

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