Fridge - Which Brand to Buy


Looking for some oppinions.

We have a 420L Mitsubishi Top Mount Fridge, pushing 10 years old. Brought brand new. IT's lasted us pretty well, going back 4-5 years we did have to replaced the fan that pushed the cold air around, think we paid ~$400 to get that fixed, as the part wasn't common.

Now within the past 8 months we've had the issue of things freezing in the refrigeration section, depending where that item is, which shelf. Typically fruits/vegi's and the odd juice/drink. We've tried adjusting the temp control to raise it however we find that the fridge temp will go >7'C and we're worried that it might compromise certain foods. My wife has written it off as "it's on its last leg, we need a new one"

We've been burnt by a few 2nd hand purchases, so we're leaning towards something brand new. Below are our considerations;

  • Volume >500L
  • Don't need ice/water function in the door (no plumbing in the spot)
  • Good quality
  • Price $1000 +/- $200
  • Moderate/cheap parts if needing repair
  • Colour doesn't matter
  • If i can purchase with Shopback, would be a bonus (maybe goodguys?)

I guess my trouble is I just don't know enough about the brands and don't trust sales people to give me the honest truth.

Any help is appreciated.


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    I've bought an LG and Hisense fridge in the last 12 months.
    LG - worked as advertised.
    Hisense - massive bump in power usage.

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    Been using LG and Bosch fridges for decades.

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    Empty fridge turn off run a pedestal fan into back freezer vents till you hear ice breaking up and water dripping for an hour.
    Turn fridge back on if it all runs fine for 2-3 days most likely computer not doing cycle defrost or heating element burnt out.

    Look on ebay for both parts might give and idea on how much to keep as second fridge or sell it working but needs this part.

    I bought a Samsung SR531BTC 533L Top Mount 2.5 years ago it worked 20 cents a day cheaper the my old non inverted fridge at 50 cents a day.
    The quality of build is less than 1/2 that of the old Westinghouse vurtuoso and for the last couple of weeks things don't sound right like it's going to fail soon.

    I wouldn't recommend or repurchase another samsung fridge.


      How did you figure out those costings?


        energy meter on the old and specs on new.
        Typo on my original comment Samsung is 20 cents cheaper the than, the old fridge to run each day

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    I would stick with LG or Hisense.


      I would not touch a Hisense with a 50000 meter pole. Not in fridges or TV.

      Fisher and Paykel, LG or Mitsubishi.

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    First fridge we bought was Samsung back in 2000. That one lasted over 10 years until it stopped cooling. We ended up getting another Samsung one, had it for about 5 years now?, still going perfect!

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    Mitsubishi or LG.


    I've had LG for 9 years.
    Still strong and no issues yet.


    Lol I'll sell you my BEKO fridge 510 litres, stainless steel for 300 bucks. I moved to a place and already has a fridge built in…


    I just bought one of these about 3 months ago

    Good brand and great service from this company. The price includes delivery installation and removal of box and packing material ect.. and removal of old fridge if you want to get rid of it.

    Just be aware that most new fridges these days are not made in Australia or Japan anymore Westinghouse used to be Australian made but this one is made in thailand
    I personally opted for the extra warranty for $130 for peace of mind as I had great service from this company before on other purchases.
    Ive never had to try to use the warranty so I cant comment if its worth it I hope I dont have to use it.