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[iOS] 75% off Sid Meier's Civilization VI Base Game $7.99 @ iTunes Store


To celebrate the release of Gathering Storm expansion, Aspyr Media is offering 75% off the Base Game of Sid Meier's Civilization® VI on iOS.

Other add-ons are also discounted 50-75%
In-App Purchases
Civilization VI Full Game
Australia Pack
Persia and Macedon Pack
Poland Pack
Vikings Pack
Multiplayer Compatibility Pack
Nubia Pack
Khmer & Indonesia Pack
Rise and Fall
Gathering Storm

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  • So how much is it?

  • Price in title please

  • These games any good on mobile? I can see myself getting this. Haven't really enjoyed a mobile game since… C.A.T.S

    • Most online reviews say it is a perfect port, some even say it is better than the PC version, personally I've never played the PC version so I cant have an opinion, but it plays great on iPad and it's also much cheaper than PC or Switch versions.

    • +3 votes

      This is the first Civ I haven't bought on PC. It's a perfect port - the only issue is how long it takes for the expansions to come out.

  • Sorry guys, price in title now.

  • I have and love the base game. Definitely a great deal at this price IMO.
    I havn't tried the major expansions though.
    Does Rise and Fall add much for $22.99? (Is this 50% off normal price?)

  • How does it run on an iPad Air 2?

    Edit: I guess I could download the free demo…

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