RMA Seagate Faulty Drive

NAS reported bad sectors in one drive no matter what I did couldn't get rid of the nag so I've bought a new drive and sent the old to warranty for a future spare.
Original was a Ironwolf and now they're sending me back some superseded lesser value Skyhawk drive. I can't believe they're doing this I hope the guy who's done this has his front loader washing machine break down and they replace it with a top loader and goes for lunch they give him a whopper next time he walks into MCD.
Anyone one else had warranty problems like this? I purchased it from warehouse1 ebay 20% off when i checked the serial over warranty the date was cut 6 months short from the purchase date.

PS: hurry poll ends soon

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    Move over to WD drives
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    Stay with Seagate
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    WD Seagate same same


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