Are There Any Generic Codes for Discounts at PC Case Gear?

Looking to make some purchases through PCCG soon, but thought I'd see if there's ever any working codes on here. A quick google left me with no answers. Also seems the only way to possibly get a discount is through clicking on My Account > Redeem Coupon.

Thanks all

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    Never seen one myself in the years I've shopped with them (occasionally though not frequently). Maybe they send them out in emails or provide them to certain customers?

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      They're a slim margin business like MSY et Al. I doubt asking for discounts will work unless you're buying in the six figures.

      I'm a mid five figure customer and they don't even know me so good luck with the regular customer discount.


    Thanks guys. Might have to pay around 165 for the ducky one 2 sf I think!

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