Good Polo Shirt Deals Black Friday?

Hey guys

With the black Friday sales near I was just wondering if anyone scored good deals on polo shirts during last years sales and, if so, where from.. I was after the brands like Myer and DJs sell with hopefully at least 40% off




    It might be worth looking at Rodd and Gunn at the DFO. They regularly have 3 Polo shirts for $99.


      Ah cool.

      Is that the homebush one? I used to hit the Birkenhead one a lot but I'm in Newcastle so its a bit of a mission now.

      They had 40% off polos for black Friday last year tho which is decent


    I use Macy’s with USA VPN
    Then order Thru personal shopper


      Hi mate,

      Nice. What brands and what type of discounts do you get compared to here?

      I have a bro in new York so I do intend on using him as a mule on his next trip home lol

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