Dealer Gives Me 7 Day Permit to Drive from Melbourne to Adelaide

Hi guys,

First of all, I want to say thank you for your time reading this.

I'm buying a new car from an authorised big dealer in Melbourne (On Saturday), as he knows I need to buy the stamp duty and registration myself in Adelaide, he said he will issue a 7-day driving permit.

I want to drive the car back to Adelaide, once I buy it. Is that a problem? I don't think the car has any plate on it as it's brand new? Do I get caught on the interstate roads?



  • How much are you saving in stamp duty to do it this way?

    Or more to the point, you sure an Adelaide dealer wouldn't do that price, once stamp duty is factored in?

    You'll need some form of license plates, in the form of a temporary set. No, you can't just drive around with a permit in the glovebox and no plates on the car

    • Unregistered vehicle permit? I've had a few. No issues.

      Plenty of people driving around Vic with a permit stuck to the windshield.

      Not sure on the interstate rules though

    • Yes you can drive with a permit and no plates.
      We were travelling with friends from SA to Vic and they bought a car in Melbourne. Got a permit and drove it home without plates. They were pulled over by police in Vic near SA and showed permit and were good to go.

      OP another option for a brand new car is to get VIN and engine number and take invoice (stating those details) to motor registration pay stamp duty, rego, plates etc then take plates with you to Vic and just attach plates and away you go.

    • It's not about the saving on the stamp duty, its about saving on the deal which is only available in Melb. I dont know if they do it there, do I need to re-do the stamp duty once I come to Adelaide?

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    Wow, it's milfhunter! Love your work, buddy.

  • yes, I got a really good deal for 2018 brand new. Unfortunately the SA dealers dont have that.
    So I thought I go there, pick the car up, come back here, and then register it (and stamp duty).

    My concern is the insurance now? I think I cant insure it before picking the car up? right?

    • Infiniti?

    • To be clear, you need a one way trip permit, NOT the usual unregistered vehicle permit. Must travel most direct route. Don't go via Sydney, as that worked be in breach of one way permit.

      You should insure it now, with a start date of the day before you take delivery. Use the VIN and add the plates once you are back home.

      I just bought a car from interstate. Insured it late one week using the vin. Picked it up early the next week. Drove home. Got it registered. Then actually cancelled that insurance, (in the cooling off period) and got new insurance from a different company. Reason isn't important, just fitted in with what I needed.

  • Probably one of those discounted infinity's that melbourne seems to have best deals on.

  • Should easily do the trip in less than 7 days, especially with no plates on the car.

  • First of all, I want to say thank you for your time reading this.

    Not a problem at all, milfhunter.

  • It will likely be a Vic permit, so you will probably be driving a car with no plates and no permit once you hit SA.

  • Victorian UVP's issued for interstate travel (e.g. to go to a place of registration or repair), are recognised by interstate authorities.
    Unregistered vehicle permits

  • You need to ask your the registration body in both Vic and SA and check with your insurer. Ozbargain might help, but the response may not be accurate, current or they could be just trolling hoping you screw up. Also when you phone up, check their rules online afterwards in case the person you speak to has it wrong.

    At least by asking here you get a hint what to ask about when you phone them though.


    What is the car of choice of a milfhunter? * Asking for a friend…

  • Drove a used car from Brisbane to Adelaide (yes our car prices suck) on UVP, no plates. I was amazed that I only got pulled over once, and it was in a RBT where everyone was getting pulled over anyway.

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