[Solved] AmEx Card Running OVER The Limit!

My Amex credit card has a limit of $7000.

Nov 14: I had used about $210 to buy stuff and had the remaining credit available. Had $50 to pay due by 22 Nov from last statement.
That day, I returned something at Kmart and the $200 went to the same credit card.

Nov 18 my balance was $10 and tried to pay $50. But $50 would make my credit go above $7000 to make it $7040, I kept getting the error in screenshot below.


So I tried the minimum amount I needed to pay which was about $7. That went thorough instantly as it didn't exceed my card limit. That was when I realized of the above issue that it was actually going above $7000. It did not let me go inside the payment option for another 72 hours.

I still have about $43 to pay to avoid the interest (which I have never had to pay). After 72 hours this evening it has let me go in to pay but I am getting the same error as on 18 Nov while trying to make $43 payment. Also gives me option to pay remaining $3 to make the payment of current balance.

At the front screen it says $0.00 minimum payment due on 22 Nov (which is not true, I have $43 due).

Called Amex and the lady is saying they have some system down but I am getting this error from 18 Nov. She wouldn't buzz, says there is nothing she can do, and to call before midnight again to see if the system is fixed. Also admits the credit will be over limit and that is not allowed. When I asked if I will be charged for interest if it isn't fixed by then, she says she can make a note not to charge the interest. However I am worried about my credit rating too.

Payment goes from my bank and I don't see any other payment option eg. from debit cards too.

I don't use my credit card often and always had this question since stores return the money in the same payment format, what would happen on credit cards if I don't have enough room for that money. I googled last year, couldn't find the answer and was about to post here too but then I didn't. Now it has happened to me in real.

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    Interesting screenshot.

    Never tried to go above on my amex but I regularly pay my MasterCard +15-20k to pay large bills and it goes through no problems.

    If it's 40 odd $ that's going to push the interest, what's the maximum interest you're going to pay that's stressing you out?


    Iv just learnt to accept that the amex credit system is really odd

    Sometimes i can go over $2k of my limit.
    Sometimes not even $10

    This month i made a large purchasr and credit wise it debited twice.

    A week later
    I got a huge refund on something,

    The refund didnt show up in the transactions but the avaialbe credit was credited twice!

    Its absolutely weird.

    Ps you'd laugh if you saw my avaialbe credit now, its like -$17k, all due to amexs weird system


      That sounds so dodgy. I rarely use my credit card. So it is always at full credit available. So I always wondered and feared what would happen if I need to accept a refund when I don't even have room for it in my credit card? Googled briefly, no answers.


      I am thinking I will quickly buy something for $100 which will decrease my available balance and then try to pay again. Haha.


    have you tried contacting amex?

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    Just do a BPAY payment from your bank. You will find the details in the Amex statement. That’s how I usually do it.

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    UPDATE: I called again before midnight and this time the guy understood exactly what was going on and offered to pull the required $43 from my preferred payment method from his end. As soon as he pulled it, I couldn't go into the Make Payment option which now says I need to wait for 72 hours. I also instantly got the email saying the payment of $43 was successful.

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