Missed out on Cashrewards for Amazon Due to Inconsistent Information on Cashrewards Site

So cash rewards site seems to have a tricky relationship with Amazon. I just missed out on my recent cash back because I opened the Amazon site from cash rewards twice - before I added items to the cart and after (which I always do as a precaution).

I usually have multiple tabs open to compete prices with other stores and then add items to my cart as I go, so when it came time to check out I reopened cash rewards and clicked through to Amazon to ensure that the purchase would be tracked.

It didn't show up on my cash rewards account so I sent through a query. The customer service rep told me I'm out of luck because you need to add items to your cart after clicking through from cash rewards. Which is obvious when looking at the terms and conditions on the Amazon page, but is a catch 22 situation when their FAQ also notes that you need to return to the cash rewards site and click through to the store, which is what I usually do as my last step as I do tend to compare prices on other sites as I go.

I'm hoping that cash rewards will improve their advice or product. I don't think I've ever had this issue before and I've received over $400 in cash back so it sucks.

Below is the information that seems inconsistent with the Amazon page guidance (https://help.cashrewards.com.au/support/solutions/articles/1...)

Text from that page:

Will I still earn rewards if I shop around on other sites first?
Yes, but to ensure this happens you'll need to:

  1. Close all other browsers
  2. Return to Cashrewards and log in
  3. Click through directly to the store via the Cashrewards 'Shop Now' button.

It is important to remember that wherever you decide to purchase your item, you will only earn rewards if you have accessed the store directly from the links on the Cashrewards website first.

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    My method is do all research and comparisons BEFORE visiting CR. Start a new browser session, then visit CR and click through to the chosen store, add item(s) to cart and checkout. I sometimes even buy one item at a time to avoid issues if one item doesn't ship or needs a refund etc (when min spend not needed).


      Yep definitely. My method was much more slapdash this time as it was a bit time sensitive - but luffytuffyfluffy below suggested using wishlist which would be much easier for me - I can log in on my phone and do that, then I'd only need to use the desktop for actually completing the transaction.


      Do you log into the store (Amazon in this case) before or after clicking through from Cashrewards? Does it matter?

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    Items you are wanting to buy, add it to your wishlist or if you've put it in your cart already and forgot to activate Cashback, save item. Restart again once you have a concise shopping list.

    Same applies to Ebay, and other stores when buying multiple items in one transaction.


      Oh wow wish list is a really good idea! Thank you for that. Much easier than the alternatives I was coming up with… Mostly writing everything down in notepad and then searching and adding one at a time haha


        If it's notepad on your computer, clicking out of your browser session into that to look at what you put in and back to the browser session could be enough to potentially have Amazon's tracking to stop.

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    Use ShopBack. We’ve found it to be quicker and reliable.


      For Amazon? I've been using cash rewards for ages and other than this I really like it. I've got over $400 in cash back over the years for usually not having to do more than just going through the site at some point during the transaction.

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        We used cr before switching over to SB. We had problems eBay, Amazon and AliExpress. Their tracking was good on low value orders, but kept missing big ticket items. SB have been catching everything.

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