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D-Link 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch (DGS-1005A) $19 Delivered @ Kogan


Price matched to $18.05 @ Officeworks.


Get the blazing speed of Gigabit Ethernet with the D-Link 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, a device that delivers power, performance, and reliability in one cost-effective, space-saving design. Increase the speed of your network server and backbone connections, or make Gigabit to the desktop a reality.

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    I have one of these, not bad, had no major issues with it. It's a good little switch which gets the job done.
    Mwave also has a 8 Port Gigabit Tenda Switch for $19.95 or the 5 port edition for $9.95 not sure how good they are as I have never used Tenda.


    i had one of these, unfortunately have to return due to terrible network speed on connected devices, almost to the point of making them not usable. Found if you can make your device Wifi AC compatible you will have better luck of getting better performance than this wired network

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      No speed issues here with the 8 port versions, one of them was previously 5 port though and don't recall any issues, other than not having enough ports. Can be powered fine via USB to if that helps anyone. Cheap USB to DC cables can have really thin wiring though so may not work.

      Other thing is they aren't designed for wall mounting unlike the previous versions.


        Can be powered fine via USB to if that helps anyone. Cheap USB to DC cables can have really thin wiring though so may not work.

        Can you link one of those either here or via PM? I am out of powerpoints and have spare USB ports haha
        Preferably a legit one that won't fry it


          Specs are 5V@1A, 5.5x2.1mm centre positive. Basically search USB 5.5mm. 5.5x2.5mm should also fit. As per the specs, needs 1A, but most chargers are >= 1A.

          Pretty much no chance of frying it (never seen a centre negative USB->DC cable). Just connecting the +5V and ground USB pins to a DC barrel jack. As long as the charger is good, then it won't fry. Only real issue is if the cable has too higher resistance, although I really only found that with previous models that require more power. With those you'd get a power LED, but no power on test with a cheap cable, but would work fine with a better conducting cable.

          Here's one that looks nice and thick and has a review specifically mentioning this switch:

          Personally since the jack is on the side, I ended up making my own right angle cables. Just need a 90deg DC connector, a male USB connector and some decent gauge wire.


      No issues for me either, all connected devices run at full speed.


    I subbed to office work deals… yet Kogan comes up in my inbox….. what the.


    Price has dropped down to $16 now :)

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