True Wireless Earbud That Won't Drop out in Busy Street?

I have got Huawei freebud and another qcy true wireless, they drop out like one or two times per second in busy street.

Anyone got any recommendation for true wireless earbud that won't drop out, and doesn't cost over $100?

I got also got anker and soundpeats cheap (40 below) Bluetooth wireless with wire, which hardly drop out.


  • Drop out as in lose Bluetooth connection or drop out of your ear?

  • BT drop out is inevitable on a busy street. Regardless if you’re using a $10 pair from Gearbest or a $400 pair from Bose

    • Wow really?

      Never knew this

      • Just comes down to physics really. Bluetooth shares the 2.4GHz bandwidth with a lot of other devices - WiFi access points (even certain traffic lights these days). Then consider the amount of users sharing the same bandwidth, and the amount of bluetooth devices they have (wireless headphones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc) - this will exacerbate the 'congestion' on the channels.

    • I got this

      Hardly drop out at all. It also have aptx which have nearly no lag on sound to video sync.

      Colleague said the Apple earpod he got doesn't drop out.

  • I use the Bose ones and it happens occasionally too.

    Most of the earphones seem to work in a master-slave way. As in, one earphone (master) connects to the phone and the other earphone (slave) connects to the one connected up the phone (around your head). Bluetooth doesn't connect well through a body of water so try and keep the phone and the master earphone on the same side of your body. Otherwise if they're on different sides, the connection is sometimes lost when trying to connect diagonally across your body.

    • I assume it connect to the right one, and I put my phone on the right pocket. The only sure way it doesn't get disconnect is probably strap the phone on my head.

  • It's the traffic lights man, there's no way around this.
    I've tried headphones RRP ranging from $40 - $500 and they all have this problem.
    If you pay attention to the pedestrian light transitions, your drop-outs will always coincide with this.

    • Hum… I don't think there is any traffic light in train station, still it drops out.

      Interestingly I never have any drop out issue on the train