Should I Dob in and Send Dashcam Footage to The Police? Also extremely minor insurance claim.

So I bought a new car a few weeks ago and also installed a front and back dashcam.

I was stopped in traffic and I see this woman completely not paying attention and I thought she was on her phone ran up the back of me. She wasn't going to stop initially and I had to chase her for awhile beeping and she eventually pulled over.

So when she gets out she seems a little bit sorry but after she saw there was no damage to her car and it was just mine which had damage on the bumper trim caused by the screws in her number plate she changed her tune somewhat. She then was telling me how she didn't feel like she hit me and the only reason she stopped was because her proximity sensor went off but didn't feel a bump.

I didn't really care and I was like fine whatever just give me your details which she still refused. I just said it's all been recorded and I will just send the footage to the police if she doesn't.

So anyway she still refuses until I show her the dashcam footage. Sure enough after about 40 minutes of dicking around and connecting wifi and downloading there was the footage of her driving into the back of me. She gives her license and we head off.

Now watching the footage on your phone in the glare of the sun didn't really show just how much of a liar she was. You can see she was on the phone as well as her head jolt on impact. She reverses after the impact as well. She was just trying to gauge how much evidence I had.

So anyway should I report her to the police? If so how do you do it? Is there an email(NSW)?

Also this is an insanely small claim it is literally just a tiny scratch on the trim. Providing there was nothing damaged functionally do you think they would replace the trim to make it good as new as the car was new? If they could hide it etc and it was functional I would probably accept that but this lady was such a bitch about the whole process I think she needs a bloody lesson taught to her.

Edit. Simulation of the crash here


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    Book her mate..

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      Please do

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      Absolutely report her, clearly a dangerous driver who could seriously injury people in other circumstances.

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      Book her simply for lying. I'd reconsider in your situation had she been honest from the beginning.

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    Take to the police before she does something worse to someone else.

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      Do you know if there is a email I can send it to?

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        Drop by your local police station and they will guide you. Spend a little time and you might save someone’s life.

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        Senior Detective Tracey Grimshaw
        [email protected]

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        Call them up on that new number: 13 14 44. Explain the situation, and ask for a web address or email address to submit the information to.

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          Called they said to Goto the local police station but they weren't sure if they would care.

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            @kasp: Of course they won't. Neighbour's daughter got cut off by a car coming out of a STOP. Police did not bother to fine the other driver.

          • @kasp: push the issue until they do

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          dont do this go to your local station and submit a report

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      Book her before she kills a motorbike rider

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    Go all the way, head down to the local station and hand the footage to them and say she initially reused to stop. Maybe nothing will come out of it, but screw her.

    Also lodge a claim with your insurance against her, and get it painted back to the condition it was in prior to her.

    • Could the OP possibly lose his/her No Claim Bonus, even if not at fault?

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        Nah already got insurance involved. Won't lose no claim or pay excess due to having her number and evidence.

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          I've been in a similar situation and I didn't lose the bonus with my then-current provider, but later when I churned to another one, there was a question about how many claims I made in the last 5yrs, without an option to specify whose fault that was.

          • @uk3000:

            there was a question about how many claims I made in the last 5yrs, without an option to specify whose fault that was.

            Careful, people might neg you for saying something they don't like to hear, even though you don't make the rules!

            • @Ughhh: No it's good to know. I sent to recall that question as well and I recall facing that problem in my tough didn't seem to impact my insurance.

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                @kasp: I was negged else where for basically giving the same warning. And I spoke to an insurance person.

                • @Ughhh: Don't really know why you got negged, either now or then, IMO it's a legit concern. What did the insurance person say?

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                    @uk3000: That basically it doesn't matter if you were at fault or not. If you made a claim, you've made a claim regardless if you were at fault or not. You can't lie when applying for insurance.

                    People don't realise these things until you obtain a new quote or speak to someone inside.

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            @uk3000: Exact same situation. Wife was driving, got rear ended, and when trying to switch insurance, the difference of no fault vs. 1 claim was about $100.

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            @uk3000: Correct, all claims “not at fault” or “at fault” are treated as a Claim. Don’t believe me? Then wait and see when you churn over like above has. It’s a blemish on your record.
            My advice if your involved in a not at fault accident then engage Daniels Crash Recovery or 1800notmyfault. These organisations will give you a free hire car for the duration until settlement AT NO COST TO YOU!

            • @JimmyBargain: Thanks, bookmarked! So, how to recover that increase in premium from the person who's actually at fault? A $100 increase p.a. for the next 5 years is a lump amount. Are you suggesting to not even get the victim's insurance company involved?

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              Correct, all claims “not at fault” or “at fault” are treated as a Claim. Don’t believe me? Then wait and see when you churn over like above has. It’s a blemish on your record.

              Yeah but it depends on the insurer whether or not they increase premiums. Woolies/Real/Kogan (Hollard) will penalise you for 1 not at fault claim by over $200. Bingle doesn't thankfully.

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              @JimmyBargain: They charge like $200++ a day hire car for basic cars to at fault party. I know it is not the concern for not-at-faulty party but it just doesn't seem right for these companies to charge much more than the market rate.

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                @rave75: Correct. They drive up premiums for everyone.

                Also, avoid insurers that treat not at fault claims as a rating factor.

                They mostly recover from another insurer so they incur no cost.

                It's purely to charge you more, and if that's the case, I'm willing to be their pds has some nasty exclusions and low limits.

                • @imurgod: Which insurers can you recommend?

                  And why is it so stupid for them to charge more when not at fault, and screws blemish your record?
                  OP was stationary in traffic and some biatch came in herself? Why do we the not-at-fault have to pay more Premiums??

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                    @capslock janitor: I'd recommend a policy through a broker as they have access to better cover and premiums.

                    Just go with an insurer that offers:

                    • Choice of repairer
                    • Lifetime guarantee on repairs
                    • No penalty for not at fault claims
                    • Free hire car (or at least a reasonably priced option)
                    • Subscribes to AFCA

                    Some good ones off the top of my head are IAL, AIG, QBE, CGU (depending on PDS version), Allianz.

                    I'd avoid any cheap and nasty ones like Progressive, NRMA, AAMI, Budget Direct, Youi, Real and anything from a bank (for any insurance. It's all really awful) or car dealership (unless it's Mercedes or BMW which are good policies but expensive. A broker will get the same cover cheaper with the same insurer).

                    The reason it's ridiculous to penalise someone for a not-at-fault claim is that:

                    Firstly, the insured has no control over it at all;
                    Secondly, the insurer recovers costs from the at fault partys insurer so they don't suffer a loss themselves.

                    It's just gouging and a not-at-fault claim shouldn't affect your premium at all unless you have a fleet policy and it's an unrecovered loss, in which case it will affect your premium because fleets are claims-rated polices… but I digress…

                    Lastly, I'd avoid those hire car companies that give you a car when you're not at fault (right to drive and the like). They charge huge costs (around triple the norm) and drive premiums up across the board for everyone and I've seen them also go after people for the costs who ended up being found at fault for an accident after all and the tactics they use are pretty dodgy. Just go to Hertz or Avis or something. Be reasonable and you'll have no issue getting your hire car costs paid.

                    Anyway, that's my 8 cents.

                    • @imurgod: Curious I was offered a hire car from the insurance company at no cost to us. Why wouldn't I take it up?

                      • @kasp: You would. That's fine.

                        I'm not talking about where the insurer provides a hire car, I'm referring to the "Hire Car Providers" to provide hire cars to people who are the not at fault third party.

                        Companies like Right To Drive, It Wasn't My Fault, etc.

                        They use dodgy tactics like this: [Link] (

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          Yes, you won't lose no claim or pay excess, doesn't mean your insurance premium next year won't increase though.

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      Well it's the trim so I don't think they can paint it. I am going to insist they replace it as its a brand new car.

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        Make sure you insist on that in advance, and ask the bodyshop to keep the older bumper for you. When the job is done and you've seen it, you can always tell them you've changed your mind and no longer need it.

        Otherwise, trust me, they can repair the old bumper for a fraction of the replacement cost and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference… at least, for a while.

        • What if they pull the ole "Oops we forgot/then threw it out"?

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            @capslock janitor: FWIW technically, once the repair has taken place, the insurer owns all the old parts so they are under no obligation to show you.

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              @imurgod: So much for being transparent!

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                @capslock janitor: Yeah, I agree.

                Although the insurer's role is to get the vehicle to pre-accident condition, and that may be anything from repairing a part instead of replacing or using 2nd hand parts.

                One, more or all of those cheap and nasty insurers (I won't say which) make repairers glue things that should be replaced.

                I know of a few cases of this type of stuff. I've seen them tell repairers to glue the back of a headlight and tail light which should've been a replacement.

                I would expect that the repairer would have no issue showing you though, unless they're dodgy.

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    Yeet her in

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    I'd submit an insurance claim regardless of whether you choose to submit the footage to the police or not.

    Not too sure how much action the police will take besides maybe sending her a fine in the mail, but I'd be tempted to considering her attitude.

    • Already got insurance involved. Not so worried about that but how to deal with such a minor issue.

      If I had backed into something and caused that I would just ignore it as it's nothing. It's not like they can repaint it as it's like some black plastic bumper trim.

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        It's a brand new car, get the trim replaced if that's the case.

        Agree with you that I would have probably ignore it myself if it was my fault. But it isn't, and it wasn't like the lady was apologetic/polite as well.

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        Probably should have waited a year, to lull her into believing she got off, and then sent her details to the insurance company. There could be damage to paint, structure, which may be difficult to see.

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          After a year I would think that is too long as you could argue more damage etc could have happened since.

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    Post the video on YouTube to name and shame the driver. Include the driver’s name and rego. That is worse than anything the police may do to them.

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    Brazen liars are the worst people.

    Absolutely, dob her in.

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    Anybody driving whilst using a phone should be taught a lesson, end of story. If it wasn't you, could have been somebody crossing the road.

    Take the video to the police so at least one brainlet learns that it isn't OK.

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    If you have hard evidence, never reveal your while hand.

    For anyone reading, just point to the dashcam and ask them if they're willing to go to jail for perjury.

    Tell them they have until the time you shut your door to change their mind, otherwise you will let the video do the rest of the work.

    When you have evidence, you don't need to make threats. You just go ahead and let liars pay the highest price.

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      I know if I didn't get her details it would make life difficult for me. Sure it's a crime for her.

      I didn't reveal my hand until she started crapping on about not hitting me and refused to hand over her details.

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        The mere fact that you brought to her attention your dashcam would have her worried sick.

        Morality aside, no reasonable person would wager a few hundred dollars vs a criminal record and thousands of dollars in legal fees. It's a disproportionate risk.

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          That second sentence is not true. Having worked in bars for pretty much my whole working life, I can tell you there are morons out there willing to risk jail for sweet FA.

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            @AdosHouse: They're drunk. I'm presuming the other driver wasn't.

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              @tshow: Oh no, not always drunk. Have seen many people that haven't even had one drink yet start fights over the stupidest shit. Pride is pretty common. But some people just have a massive chip on the shoulder. And others are just dumb as dogshit.

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          She was just trying to weasel her way out of it any chance she could. First by not stopping, then by acting like she never touched my car. Only when confronted with overwhelming evidence did she give in and then she only handed her license after I had proof she hit me. I am guessing she was trying to get away with saying she wasn't driving etc so it probably wasn't her car. However she knew she would have been commiting a crime on all those events which is why she eventually gave in with everything.

          At the end of the day the main reason I am annoyed is because we were taking my kid to a birthday party and well instead of this being a 10 minute annoyance she turned it into an hour plus affair.

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            @kasp: Could she be my HR manager?

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            @kasp: If i were you, I'd call the police, since not stopping/exchange details after accident is illegal. I had to call the police since the other driver refused to give me his details on the basis that the accident was my fault (I got rear-ended, yeah sure mate).

            Then when the police came, you could've hand in the dashcam footage and get her booked on the spot.

            • @rave75: She did eventually but I had to drag it out of her.

              • @kasp: Yeah but instead of dickin around for 40mins you had something else to do, next time call the cops right away if she keeps refusing, they would've been there in 15mins or so and sorted her out

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      When you have evidence, you don't need to make threats

      Isn’t below the threat?lol

      Tell them they have until the time you shut your door to change their mind, otherwise you will let the video do the rest of the work

      • It's still a threat, I agree. It's just not a negotiation and more of a statement.

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      I would let the other party lie to police. Give a full statement. Then give your statement, and the video evidence to back up your claims. Keep it professional, with no threats (you'll go to jail if you lie, things like that).

      If someone chooses to lie to police then I'm not going to help them. They dug their own hole and it's not my responsibility to help them get out.

      • That's essentially it. Let liars become perjurers.

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    upload your video to dash cam Australia and we maybe will see your vid there

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      Ha yeah I should. If you hear Skrillex with a kid going oh no what just happened you will know it's me ;)

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        Nice! We probaly see your vid on the december compilation.

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          I can't get in trouble uploading it? You can completely see whose driving and plates etc?

          If I can't then all good.

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            I can't get in trouble uploading it?

            The rego is in a public place. You free to post it all over the internet.

            • @whooah1979: Ok but what about them. You can see who is driving as clear as day.

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                @kasp: You are allowed to freely photograph and film in public space, therefore there is no expectation of privacy in public spaces.

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                @kasp: They blur it out anyway. Plenty of clips have the incident with faces and plates not visible

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                @kasp: Wait until the insurance and any legal matters that arise are resolved before sending it in.

      • Tell them it's a hot thread on OzB maybe we dont have to wait till the dec compilation!

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    Should have called police at the time, she may have been drinking - it's a common reason for people not stopping after hitting someone.

    • In this situation, when the other person is being uncooperative, would you call 000?

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        No, I'd call 131444.

        • I was wondering if it would be that or 000, if the other person isn't being cooperative, not sure how the police assistance line would be able to help? But 000 seemed overkill.

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    It's your civic duty, plus she probably needs some accountability in her life.

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    If she had stopped Id say no , just let her go. But as she ran she needs to be punished. Let her know that's why too.

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      Even if she had stopped, she still need to learn a lesson. Using phone while driving caused a small accident this time, next time it could be someone crossing the road and she run them over and kill them.

      Best to teach her a lesson by reporting her.

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    You should of held your nerve and not told her about your evidence. If she fled without giving details it's still classed as hit and run.

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      Yeah but then I risk my excess etc as I didn't get the other drivers details.

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        This is incorrect - you had the licence plate of the vehicle, the make, model and colour of the vehicle, plus footage of the driver as a bonus. Insurance is therefore sorted.

        Step 1. Skip the chase sequence, drive to the nearest police station and make a report and be clear the other party failed to stop and exchange particulars. The last part is the offence. Get the name of the officer + event number. Drop off the footage on a USB or CD later to any station, with event # and officer's name.

        Step 2. Make the insurance claim, provide the details of the incident + footage + police event and officer's name. They now have everything they need.

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          My insurance didn't really care about the footage. Hell they don't even have a spot where I can upload a video file (has been rejected every time.

          They only care that I get the license details.

          The other party did stop and exchange details eventually. I don't think being a bitch about it is a crime.

          • @kasp: I'm not 100% sure but I believe if you have the license plate details, in a situation like yours you could have recovered the owner's details through the police, and then handle it to the insurance. However, that would've certainly taken some time and efforts.