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Saboteur Card Game $6.16 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU

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Great price on Saboteur on AU Amazon site. I've never seen it this low.
Fun Card game for a group of friends (?or enemies)
The seller is Amazon US - reliable.
Free international expedited delivery for prime members these days.

Recent Prices for Saboteur on Amazon AU have been $10.24-13.20
Searching the AU board game site gives more price ranges for context (about $15)!/search/saboteur

Link to BoardgameGeek info -

Enjoy, Don't forget a bit of cashback.
If you've recently purchased the $100 gift card with Amex $20back, you could potentially buy 16 of these.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Ordered before I bothered to learn anything about it - any feedback on the game?

    • +2

      it's fun and deceptive.

    • +7

      It's a really fun and simple concealed-role game and in the base game there are only two roles so it's a good introduction to the genre. For me the sweet spot is around 5-6 players - it can be tricky to get the right balance of miners vs sabs sometimes though.

    • Same lol.

    • +3

      I reckon it needs the expansion to be a good game.

  • +4

    Rip. Bought it for 10 on the other deal and it arrived today.

    • buy another one and play a game without gold nuggets at the end (without most of players knowing)

      • Is that a real thing?

        • we tried it once (only 1 miner didn't know)
          It was hilarious, the check gold cards were put to good use.

    • Saaaaaaaameees!

  • Bought! Thanks, I think!

  • +1

    Yep, I got excited with the recent $10.24 deal and bought one then also haha

    • me too, damn !

  • Thanks OP, Good Ol Secret Santa will be impressed

    • +4

      I'm so excited to be the OP

  • bought thanks

  • Thanks. Love saboteur games. Grabbed this.

  • Thanks, OP. Been waiting for a good board game deal for the gang. Got one.

  • Thanks. Already have it but gonna buy another pack

    • +1

      Is that so you play with two packs at the same time?

      • I think there could be a way to play with 2 packs

  • Cheers - ordered two.

  • If I order another one will it come in a separate box? I don't want to hurt the environment too much.

    • separate box.

    • +2

      They might consolidate packaging. I've had multiple orders placed on the same day sent to me in one box. That was Australian Amazon though, I don't know if they have different methodologies in the US warehouses.

      • I had this happen too and I didn't want it to happen :( I was trying to send a friend 2 copies of something (one for him and one for his girlfriend) so I placed the orders separately thinking they would be packaged separately.

      • +1

        I've had an order with a minimum quantity of 2 that came in 2 separate packages. Crazy.

  • Ordered one thanks OP!

  • +13

    Ordered without even reading the description. Rule of thumb, if a deal has 30+ votes and its under $10 inc delivery, just buy and think later.

  • +1

    Skim-read the rules and decided to just buy it. My friends and I enjoy secret role games and it's 6 bucks, hard to go wrong.

  • Thanks! Will be a great Christmas break game

  • Would buy… If I had prime. I just can't justify the cost of prime.

    • +3

      You would be amazed as to how handy it is, plus you get videos and games.

      • -1

        I had prime in December last year, I used it to buy instant ramen for people (single packets delivered to them) since then I have found nothing on amazon that has been a good enough deal to justify the cost of prime.

    • +2

      Well worth signing up for one month in lead up to Christmas

  • Can anyone tell me if this is similar to Resistance?

    • +2

      It's similar in a way that there is good and bad people who's identity is a secret.

      But the actual gameplay is building a tunnel to mine gold.
      So it's not like picking people to go on 'adventures' and succeeding or failing at quests.

      Plus the good people don't all necessarily work together.

  • Gave in to FOMO.

  • Showing as "In stock on December 1, 2019." Seems we've depleted their current stock.

  • -2

    Oh no! I forgot cashrewards! Oh well it was not a big purchase.

  • Jsut so you all know, there is a limit to purchasing these. You can only purchase 3 which I have done so hahah

    • +1

      Well that’s your christmas shopping done! Just make sure none of the recipients know each other.

  • +1

    Not eligible for Amazon Prime.

  • +1

    Mine says:
    Note: Not eligible for Amazon Prime.

  • +1

    In stock Dec 5 and now charging delivery.

  • +11

    Nooo I cancelled to take advantage of the CR promo. Now can’t order without delivery

    Seems a card game in the hand is better than a $2 saving in the bush :(

    • That makes the two of us :(

    • +1

      Sabotaged yourself out of the game, how meta.

      Should always reorder before cancelling.

  • never received it, they are going to refund me but no game :(

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