Amazon Hiking Prices for Black Friday?

Hi fellow ozbargainers. I know ebay has a rep for price hiking before sales but didn't expect amazon too. Am i just mis-interprting what i see or has others seen the same?

My case is that i was interested in the Conputer Alliance Deal not too long ago - but not too interested to buy because of the ebay shipping. So i looked up Amazon for a 4tb WD red and it was selling for $141 a couple of days ago. (which sounds about right cause i got a 4tb red for around that price a year or so ago with cash).

So i still had that same amazon page open in a broswer tab and when i flicked to it today (3 days out from Black Friday)and now its gone up to $171.

Now I'm not sure what to beleive come Friday.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Couldn't find the exact model you're talking about, but use a tracker like camelcamelcamel to find out.

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    is the seller Amazon ?

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    Amazon price matches the competition. You might find the price drop was to match someone else for a day or 2

    • Yes the seller was AmazonAU itself. I didnt know Amazon price matches.. and they junp back after a few days lol. I'll have to be more wary then.

      • Keepa

        $140-$171… you sure that's not US$ on the Red Pro?

        • Nope just normal. Im on the au website. Had a look at the keepa price trackers. $165 was the normal 30days ago but they don't update that regularly. Comp. All. is back to $169. This current price of $177 seems odd if you're trying to compete with the usual computer stores. Guess we'll know come Friday.

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    Not here to name and shame. Just wondering if it's something we all have to be wary of or not. I certainly wasn't expecting it from amazon but then as i said i could be wrong. Was the $141 a normal response to a competitors price drop (in this instance Computer Alliances eBay deal) and would have gone back up normally or would one interpret this as a response to the upcoming Black friday

    • Given the number of Amazon posts today, no they're not jacking, if anything it's the opposite

  • sellers on aliexpress do it, I wouldnt be surprised if sellers on amazon (let alone every online marketplace) do it too.
    edit: boxing day sales, outlets, all of them are guilty of this.

    The annual sales periods attract a lot of customers. Of course they will try to increase the price.
    You'll see this if you have items sitting in your cart for a long time, they may get the sale sticker but they've gone up in price.
    It's good you are aware, and as above, check the price trackers.

  • It's a mixed bag. Amazon are always changing their prices.

    A salt grinder I was looking at has just gone down from $60 down to $17.50.

    Every other item I have 'saved for later' has not changed in price substantially in the last few days.

    • Where's the salt grinder deal post :)

      • Only 2 in stock.. Holding off til Friday for an even better deal.. hopefully.

  • So what's the consensus? If it drops still wait until Friday? Or buy it straight away in case it jumps up again?

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      (1) Check the historic Amazon prices of your item using:

      (2) Buy if the price is good.

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      Amazon doesnt price jack (yet) as far as im concerned. As others have already stated, they have wildly fluctuating prices which are sometimes caused by price-matching competitor prices.

      If you dont need it now, just wait for black friday/cyber monday/christmas. If the price jumps, buy it somewhere else cheaper.

  • Please show us the screenshots from before and after.

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    Amazon systematically price matches major stores, and when those stores put price back up. So does Amazon

  • Amazon does dynamic pricing

    • Yeah, found out the hard way. Tried signing up for a Zip Pay this morning to try to snatch the Nintendo Switch deal but after 2hrs of unsuccessful attempts to get it linked to my Amazon Wallet (maybe i needed to link it when i pay instead of trying in my settings?) the price jacked back up. So now waiting for another ebay plus coupon glitch (missed that ppd13) glitch too by a couple of mins. At least the Zip pay should work on the games.

      • Think Zip has crashed/bugged out. No chat or phone support available.

  • Well, certainly this time the black friday deals are not as good as prime day ones

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