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Orbitkey 25% off Black Friday Sale & Free Shipping with $50 Spend (E.g. Leather Key Organiser $37.43)


Its not a cheapo key organiser, but quite good quality and a reasonable discount on most of their products, inc bluetooth tracker. We have multiple of them.

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Black Friday Sale is Here!
Enjoy 25% off your entire order. No discount code needed.
*Excludes Limited Edition Key Organisers.

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  • +7

    My orbitkey served me for years - definitely recommend this product. I've moved to a Jibbon now, which is better in almost every way for the same functionality, but I'm not sure if they've started post-kickstarter sales yet… and if they have, they probably won't be matching this sale price point.

    I might pick up some of the handy-dandy add-ons though - thanks for the post. :)

    • +2

      thanks for this… I didn't know they exist.

      Looks to be much better design than orbitkey, no steel outside and no tools required.

      Much more important is the titanium keyring. I've been looking for this for a long time, so I can attach it to my belt loop.

      • +3

        I got the jibbon as well, the leather quality is definitely worth paying for.

    • +2

      I've also gone with Jibbon + multi-tool on KS. Really impressed so far. Looks like their website is up https://www.jibbonkey.com/

      Would be good to see them do the BT tracker. I'm hesitant to buy Orbits because it doesn't look water-resistant…

      • +1

        I just saw they had their site up and came to post it, but you beat me to it. As Major said above, the leather's a much nicer quality. No bloody tension washers needed either, which drove me crazy with the orbitkey when adding/removing keys.

        That's not to say the orbitkey's bad - especially at this sale price point - but in my opinion it's been surpassed by the Jibbon. If you want the better product, pay extra for the Jibbon or wait for it to hit a better price point.

        On a coincidental point they're both Aussie start-ups, so buying either should end up meaning you're buying Australian if that's a thing to you.

        Also I should state again - I'm a customer of both, and a happy one too. I have a preference, but I'm not a paid shill for either. :)

        • +1

          Thanks for mentioning Jibbon here.
          Been using Orbitkey from their first KS until now.
          Looks like Jibbon has surpassed it, keen to try one.

  • +2

    I just chucked a Tile on my keychain. Same tracking abilities but cheaper.

  • Had one two years, worth every cent.

  • Love mine! Had a leather monogrammed one for over 2 years. Recently bought the new Crumpler x OrbitKey in Black Ripstop, feels much more durable than the leather

  • Why is there a coupon code if none is required?

    • The particular coupon code shows in the checkout when you add items so I added it to the post, it adds it automatically though. The TCs state no coupon required, but it does add one.

  • +1

    Yep I've had mine since 2015. The leather strap started to fray a bit recently, so I emailed them and they sent a replacement.

    • Do the keys loosen up from use? I have a generic version (non branded one) for 1/8th of the cost however when I use the keys, the whole mechanism that is locking the keys (screws) loosen up a bit and I have to re-tight it using the fingernail. Re-tightening takes less than 2 seconds but nevertheless it's bit annoying.

      • +2

        No they don't and that's what differentiates them from the cheap ones you can buy on Aliexpress. The screw locks into place.

        • Cool. Thanks, appreciate it.

      • Add a bit of loctite.

  • How do people use these? I have some weird shaped security keys as well as a building swipe, and a motorcycle key. Would this be able to hold them? Or are their weird shapes going to cause issues?

    • Same situation. The organiser looks nice but how does it work with clunky pieces?

  • Will these keys be held solid when in place or will they still be jangling

    I'll have a Max of 2 keys

    • Held solid in place, just make sure you use both supplied washers. 3 or more keys can use 1 washer

  • How convenient the "Thoughtful Bundles" are all unavailable but the individual counterparts are all in stock. What would of been a $19.25 discount is now $5.52.

  • Noticed that all keys are flat house/lock keys.
    How do people handle car keys on Orbitkey?

    • +1

      All Orbit keys come with a D-ring which lets you attach bulkier items, example image

      • Problem averted. Cheers!

  • Had these for a while now (KS special) but thinking about giving them up. Great for not digging holes in your bag but horrid for managing 3-4 keys (esp if you have a PO Box and a USB like we do). Every time it ends up like a Swiss Army Knife |/_ and it's just a pain. Not sure which is better - bag holes or the frustration?

    • I ended up using some small-but-thick (~2mm) standard washers between keys to create 'sections' with my orbitkey 2.0. Get washers with a small enough inner diameter to not jiggle on the post, and a small enough outer diameter to not poke out of the orbitkey itself - it worked really well