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50% off All Retail Items at Lindt Chocolate Shops & Cafés 29th November 2019


For one day only on 29th November, we have a massive 50% OFF All Retail Items. Hurry, while stocks last!

Only available at Lindt Chocolate Shops & Cafés. Find your nearest store here: https://www.lindt.com.au/stores/

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Now that is a great deal! Awesome discount, no exclusions.

    • So instore only? Title needs to reflect that.

  • +16

    So they are only making 200% profit instead of 400%

    • Yeah, there has to be cheaper chocolate out there at a comparative level of quality, even from the same brand.

      • +5

        There isn’t. Not to match Lindt balls anyway. Whittakers is great dark chocolate with nuts, prob my next fav.

        • Isn't there Lindt blocks fairly cheap in some places? That's what I had in mind.
          You're right about the balls though.

          • +1

            @Sage: Yes the solid blocks and also the soft filled ones (which taste close to the balls) go on sale very often and prob cheaper than this sale, but THE BALLS though!

      • Nope, even more expensive chocolate like Godiva tastes worst. Bought a few milk chocolate bars, truffles and their hot chocolate mix from their recent sale on ozbargain just to try it out.

        Lindt chocolate tasted much better.

    • +1

      …more like 800% instead of 1600%

      • Well,They have to pay staff, rents etc so has to make a lot more profit margin.

        • "Profit" by definition means the money made after paying staff, rent, etc.

          • @CocaKoala: Gross profit is taking the revenue and minusing the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), which exclude fixed costs such as overheads (e.g. rent and staff).
            Net profit is the profit after accounting for all costs.
            For retail items you normally talk about gross profit. The gross profit margin on Lindt is probably 100-400% for most of their items (this is just my guess, I'm no expert), and a few of their obviously overpriced items that hardly anyone ever buys in the 600-800% range.
            @Bettyboo is right though, when you have massive retail overheads, you have to sell a lot of chocolate balls to cover rent.

            • +1


              massive retail overheads

              Part of this is world record electricity prices which have "severely damaged" the Australian economy to use the words of Professor Rodney Sims when describing the outcome of privatisation.

              Every business and every household has a millstone around it's neck while Laberal politicians do nothing about it because the plan all along was to enrich foreign business owners at the expense of every Australian. 70% of these people voted for this to happen like fools.

              • @Diji1: +1
                We're a beef jerky manufacturer. Our electricity bills have soared dramatically since the Gillard Government ended – ironically we paid less for electricity during the carbon tax (I can't recall how or why, but it's true).
                We're suffering under these electricity prices, and we have to constantly go through a Kafkaesque process of revisiting electricity prices because every provider lowballs us and then finds sneaky ways to dramatically increase the price.
                Shopping for electricity is deliberately made incredibly convoluted and confusing; I have compiled ridiculous spreadsheets to try and analyse them.
                The "Energy Made Easy Website" is never up-to-date, and the providers always give us offers that aren't there, or refuse to accept offers that are on there, saying that they're no longer available.
                This is not to mention that NSW has higher rent, labour, and compliance costs.
                Doing business in NSW is indeed tough.

  • This would mean that atm they have 50% off pick n mix so if we go on the 29th it would be a further 50% lol

    • +1

      Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

  • +2

    Yay! Thanks for sharing OP.

    Last week we picked 5 lindor bags for $20. Hoping to get some boxes as gifts this week.

  • If they can turn a profit with this kind of discount then they shouldn’t make it so obvious.

    • I feel like I’m being held for ransom with the amount I pay for a box of their chocolate at these cafes

  • Yumo

  • +2

    i like the way they don't advertise as Black Friday.

  • +1

    Any chance to see their regular prices for their stuff ?

  • +1

    hot chocolate is beyond awesome.

    • If this was half price I’d be there!

      • The powder is - I think. It's actually choc shavings.

        • Oh I meant in store barista

    • Their in store one or the take home make at home powder? (They HAVE that? I am so there!)

      • +1

        In store one. They provide the hot milk and melted chocolate in separate little jugs, so you make it on your own to your taste. Portion-wise, it was almost equal to two cups of hot chocolate. Considering the price being reasonable, it's quite worth it. I tried it in Sydney.

        • Already tried it and yes it is amazing. Was hoping they'd have the chocolate powder for some kind of other lindt hot chocolate though.

        • It's way too sweet for me

  • Great, I'm going overseas to Vietnam and these would make good gifts.

    Are Lindt chocolates considered to be more premium than say Ferrero rocher?

    • +2

      Yes, FR are super cheap in Asia, I was shocked when I first saw a box in KL for $3

  • +1

    Is this including Outlet stores? Perth DFO store to be exact.

    • So I was the first in at Perth DFO, 50% off everthing other than Drinks.
      Spent $95 but have all my xmas chocolate done!

      Staff are giving away the new Mint Xmas flaver balls, there very nice!

    • Don't know about DFO but it includes the Watertown outlet.

  • Prefer 25% off Godiva sale

    • You can actually get Godiva cheaper when the store has boxes closer to expiry date (about 3-4 weeks remaining). They normally knock 30-40% off the price.

    • Bought Godiva chocolate from a recent sale, Lindt imo is much better despite being way more cheaper.

      Godiva’s cafe drinks overseas are pretty good though but for regular chocolate, truffles, hot chocolate, Lindt is better.

  • Never bought chocolates from a Lindt store so not really sure about their prices. Will it be cheaper to buy balls at the store than Colesworths (when they have their regular 50% off sale?)

    • +2

      Yes - but there are more flavours at the outlet/cafe stores.
      Like 6 including oooh I forgot xmas flavous, make that like 9 and count me in!

      salted c
      choc chip - but starts with s…
      strawberries & cream
      gingerbread - I like this one

      Source: I was at the outlet (Spencer St) the other week.

  • How many grams for a small box, regular or large box? anyone has any idea approx.

    • $20 for small box , $32.50 for medium box..I didnt pay attention to the large box.

      Sorry, misread your Q. not too sure on the weight

    • I packed 700 grams in a small box, but I'm sure you could fit more in with better Tetris skills.

  • Does anyone know if they sell their Piccoli couverture chocolate here too? That would be perfect timing for buying a 2.5kg bag

  • So what do people recommend there In the r u store?

  • Still no prices ?
    Is it kind of classified information ?

    • yeah sucks what items we dont even know without having to go in

  • can anyone confirm if this 50% off include coffee, hot chocolate and cakes/waffles

    • Says retail in the title so I doubt it

    • No drinks are full price.

      • +2

        Surely some of them are full price.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I got a kilo of balls for $24.

    • Did you get some chocolate as well? ;)

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