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Fujifilm Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 Techno-Stabi Image Stabilised Binocular with Soft Carrying Case $1,178.95 @ digiDIRECT


The Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS 14x40 Binocular provides the kind of stabilisation needed for its high 14x magnification, and is a joy to use handheld. In easy conditions with 7 or 8x binoculars, it is relatively simple to get large, steady images up close and personal. But as magnification increases, this becomes a more difficult task. Eventually the smaller field of view and more pronounced shake of a large optic can render big binoculars a very frustrating affair.

But the Techno-Stabi's whopping 5° of stabilisation in every direction makes it actually useful in such situations as tracking a moving subject while on a moving platform yourself. It is also great for observing from airplanes, helicopters, or boats, and as a completely waterproofed unit it can be used effectively anywhere.

Beyond its stabilising capacity, the Techno-Stabi 14x40 TS has Fujinon's EBC multi-coatings upon every optical surface, and also has phase-coated Bak-4 roof prisms for great brightness and contrast. The Techno-Stabi accepts DC and AC power sources in addition to the 4 "AA" batteries normally used.

The world's only truly 100% waterproof/fogproof stabilised binocular
±5° All-direction motion compensation
Phase-coated Bak-4 roof prisms
Full Fujinon EBC multi-coatings upon all optical surfaces
Simple on/off button for stabilisation, rather than a button you need to constantly push
Rubber armored housing
60-70mm Interpupillary adjustment range
±4 Dioptric correction
Automatic shut-off after one minute preserves battery life
MPN - BP210A-3 502
GTIN - 631267114409

These were on sale last month for this price, I purchased from their ebay store and claimed the 5% ebay price guarantee. I think there were 7 available on ebay when I purchased but now says last one. These are a great price and cheaper than I could find in US dollars after conversion. I believe these may be discounted because of a new model that has only just been released that is mainly cosmetically different as almost all specs are identical to this one. New model is TS-X 1440 where as these are TS 1440.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    (profanity) me that’s pricey

  • Does this let me see into the future?

  • For some serious hardcore…….bird watching

  • What are we rich here?

  • I was looking at 10x40 that are around $40 on ebay but I somehow ended up here.

  • added to the list of things I never knew existed but will buy when I win the lotto.

  • OP I have been looking for a binoculars for an Antartica trip. This unit seems to be at this price only for the OS hence the need for weatherproofing. Why not buy something with top optics instead..its a binocular not a camera. Not knocking it down but at this price point I am just curious what made you want to buy it instead of something which has top of the line optics or night vision

    • My partner has the canon 10x40 IS waterproof binoculars and they are great but are more expensive. These were a similar price when we purchased the canon but have come down in price. If you see video taken with a gimble vs without that is what it is like to use these. I have tried the binoculars that are meant to have better optics but I can see clearer with these as the image is stable.

    • It is hard to conduct activities at long range viewing without assistance so this is optimal for those who wont lug around a monopod etc
      I would assume the optics are very good and the OS just adds to the cost

    • Not sure what you mean by OS and why it is the reason for weatherproofing? Both canon and fuji have much cheaper image stabilised models but optics are not as good and are not waterproof so greater risk of damage.

      • Optical Stabilisation (OS) needs secondary power which is where weatherproofing is required because of the power(batteries)

  • It's the image stabilizer which makes it pricey. Canon IS binoculars are even more expensive.

  • Ok thanks for replying OP I am sure this is good but for this price I can get much better magnification which is what I need ,, horses for courses..for me binocs are to look through so I would prefer higher level optics and good magnification. While optics might be good on this unit 14X40 is not really worth it for me because without batteries there is no need for weather proofing and you can see much further with other binocs in the same range. Like I said this applies for my use case only

    • I think you will find that 8x is the most usable magnification and 10x is usable but requires alot more stability. 14x unstabilised is near impossible to use unless it's on a tripod. Hell,I'm considering moving to 8x from my current 10x for hunting, and I'm more stable than most users. 8x is much more usable when standing unsupported.

      You will also find that any decent pair of binocs are weatherproofed. You don't want moisture getting in.

      You will also probably find that the optics in these binocs are excellent.