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Extra Small 180 Day Plan - 3GB/30 Days + 42GB Bonus on Activation - $60 @ Lebara Mobile (New Customer Only)


Extra Small 180 day plan
$60 for 180 days, works out at $10 per month based on a 30 day recharge period.

Unlimited Oz calls and SMS, unlimited up to 300 minutes of international talk. 6GB 3GB of data per month plus a bonus 24GB 42GB on activation.
Data does not expire at the end of the month and you can rollover/bank up to a max of 200GB. Uses Vodafone network.

Offer for new customers only
Ends midnight 04.12.2019

Edit: It looks like you have to physically pick up a SIM from Coles/Woolies/7-Eleven etc and activate by midnight 4/12/19. Thanks pitpicker.

Mod Note: Updated Data Per Month & Bonus Activation Data.

Update 8:00pm — Offer updated with new terms, international calls are now quoted as up to 300 minutes (previously: unlimited to 20 countries)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    I got excited then saw:

    Offer for new customers only


    This company is lagging way behind the competition. I think it's time I jump ship and move to Boost.

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      Vodafone bought the customer base and rights to use the Lebara name in Aus a while back. They own the whole operation now, so I guess they're trying not to poo in their own backyard by severely undercutting their primary brand. Lebara is only slightly cheaper than Vodafone, so I don't see things dramatically improving any time soon. It'll be good for competition, they said.

      • Makes sense. I moved from Optus a couple of years ago and switched to this company as they had good deals at the time, but lately they weren't making good offers. I saw multiple great Boost, Kogan and other deals posted here ever since and I hoped that they will be competitive too. Looks like I was dreaming.

    • yes we will be leaving lebara. hone are the stacking days.

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    so i guess you have to activate by 04.12.2019?

    • +1

      looks like you are right, I don't see any 'buy now' option, only activation instructions. Post updated.

    • +2

      so i guess you have to activate by 04.12.2019?

      Good pickup pitpicker. That's super lame

    • Hi there,
      That is correct. You can port-in or activate a new Lebara Mobile service before midnight 4/12/2019 to grab this promo.

      • If I purchase this and port in, can I stack a 360 day 100Gb XS recharge voucher on top to get 18 months XS plan?

        I bought a voucher from another deal but haven't activated yet.

  • +1

    Troy Buswell for the chair sniffing win

  • is it possible to port out and port in? Sugesstions would be much appreciated.

    • That technically should work. Im pretty sure.

  • Why would you pick this over the boost $150 (discounted to $135 routinely) 12 months deal tho? Assuming people going for this one is after international calls, data isn’t that much of a deal breaker? And 12 months means you don’t have to think about porting as much?

    • And if I read the t&c right, this will revert to $135/6 months whereas the Boost one will become $150/12 months, if you want to stay?

  • wait so is it 24gb bonus for the 6 months for 24gb bonus per month.. this aint clear

    • +1

      From what I got from it. Its the normal 3gb a month as usual, but for the first month there is a bonus 42gb. Since all of Lebaras plans adds up in there data bank it is basically 45gb first month, followed by 3gb the rest of the 5 months. With data bank.

  • The pic says, 3gb per 30days and 42gb bonus at the activation. So you get 3gb x 6 months and one off 42gb. I can't find link to T&C or CIS.

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    they do not look after existing customer anymore, some recent offers are new customers only.

  • unlimited calls to 20 countries.

    Where does it say that? The link says "up to" 300 minutes of international calls.

    • Yep, you’re right. Looking at the revision history, the offer has been changed substantially.

      The initial offer was the Small 180, which has those unlimited international calls, along with the different data amounts mentioned. Reporting for deal to be amended.

      • then, this offer is not attractive.

  • so say you used 10gb the first month, does that mean you get 3 + (42 + 3 - 10) = 38gb for the next month. i.e. does the bonus data expire? or can that too be saved for remaining months?

  • I just acquired this deal however I’m a bit confused with the 42gb on activation, does it mean I have the 3gb x 6 months = 18gb + 42gb = 60gb so that makes it 10gb a month for the next 6 months?

  • Is it 300 minutes intl calls for the entire 6 months? Their support is excruciatingly clueless.

    • Hi there,
      You get up to 300 minutes of international calls every month.
      The minutes would depend on the country that you are planning to call. Please see the link below to check out international minutes included on the plan:


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