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Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB 4G $899 ($100 Cashback with AmEx) + Bonus 500GB Samsung T5 Portable SSD @ Microsoft


Not sure about the expiry date so set it to Cyber Monday.

50% off Office 365
Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note 10+ and get 50% off Office 365 Home or Personal. Simply add during checkout.

Free Samsung Portable SSD
Secure yourself a free 500GB compact hard drive when you purchase Samsung Note10 Note | Note 10+ - simply add during checkout.

Update: Samsung T5 SSD offer is no longer applicable to the Note10.

American Express Statement credits deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +1

    Ayo Samsung S10/Note10 deals been going through the roof this entire year it's insane 🔥

  • Super deal when combined with Amex . A small cashback through shopback Microsoft (Non-Microsoft Devices 0.60%)

  • Which Amex deal we are talking about? I checked my appabd there's nothing for me

  • This deal is only for 1 day - 28/11

  • Decisions decisions .. purchase with Amex $799 +free ssd, purchase with 28degrees $850 but covered 12m for loss, damage, & price protection though can’t see it much lower in 12m

    • Go amex for screen insurance

      • ? which card is that for, have plat edge

        • Explorer, Platinum, Essential… didn't checked others but seems not on the edge card…

        • My Plat card has it, but I don't know about other cards. Might need to check your card TC. Note that Amex doesn't have price protection though.
          "Smartphone Screen Insurance for up to $500 for screen repairs to your Smartphone when you pay for your smartphone with your Platinum Card, either outright or on a monthly contract"

      • Doesn't 28d have merchandise protection too?

    • How is it going to be $850 with 28 degree?

  • -1

    Is the ssd a dud? Or solid? 🤔

    • It's an external SSD built by Samsung so solid might even be an understatement. External SSDs are very durable unlike those external HDDs.
      I have a Samsung T3 (previous gen), it still works like new aside from scratches all over.

  • Do you get the NBA 2k20 redemption with the SSD?

  • That's a solid deal wow

  • hi is this offer also valid in the physical microsoft store in sydney cbd? with SSD?

    • Yes

  • +3

    How can I add the ssd? It charges as extra cost?

    • +1

      I'm also having trouble with the free SSD.

      • +1

        Seems not working with the $899 deal

        • It doesn't work even with a full price Note 10+ so probably bug from MS site.

          • @rookie317: Yes it is a bug, had a chat with a rep and told me they will refund the ssd cost, they sent me the chat transcript

            • +1

              @Pizarro84: I wonder if that will complicate the $100 amex cashback and shopback though.

  • +3

    the ssd is appearing as a separate charge for me, why?

  • just ordered from Amazon for $850, paid by Zip for $50 back, this could be a better deal if can get the free ssd

    • Also cash rewards?

      • Yes, 5% from shopback

    • Will zip charge automatically to linked debit card?
      How can I pay now in full to zip using credit card?
      Transaction is coming pendi g for now in zip

  • anyone able to add the SSD?

    • Seems only applicable to plus variant

  • I'd get this if i can actually get the ssd!

  • +2

    No free SSD. Chat online and got the below reply:

    Hello there! I hope you're doing good. I understand that you want to purchase the Samsung galaxy note 10 but the free 500GB SSD is no longer available. I understand that this is our fault for not fixing it right away.

  • Can this be price beaten at officeworks?

  • saved myself 800 bucks

  • +1

    Stock is back

  • +1

    Has anyone received theirs yet? My order on the Microsoft website still shows as Pending.

    • Mine is also pending

      • Hi ChewChew is yours still pending?

        • Yea unfortunately… Customer service said will investigate last week. Still havent heard back.

          • @chew_chew: thanks I'm the same, pretty poor customer service.

    • Anyone get theirs yet?

    • nope, still says pending, Site used to say shipping on 5/12 but heard nothing.

      IS your credit card charge PENDING like mine? Poor form from MS, no updates etc.

      • It went from pending on my card to no transaction at all. Called MS and now it's on the card as pending again with the new date.
        Here's to hoping

        • Hi Amos - any update when they will actually send these?


          • @Mas: Investigating…. They don't seem to have any idea

            • @Amos: yes just got off the phone with them… "Investigating"
              That's all I got out from that call.. FML

              • @chew_chew: no longer pending on my credit card, it's disappeared facepalm
                What's to investigate facepalm

                • @Mas: same here.. if they dont get it sorted by 20th Dec, I'm prob going to cancel and buy it from somewhere else.

                  I really don't understand why it's taking MS so long, it's clearly not a price error and they are not losing money on it.. officeworks and Amazon were offering it for $850 at the time (facepalm)

                  • @chew_chew: Still nothing, must be some investigation, best get Colombo on board. Still baffles me on what investigation is required.

    • I've received a DHL tracking number for mine. Due for delivery this Monday!

      • Also received tracking for 1 of my orders. At least I know that a package is coming now

        • oh nice! just checked and mine is in transit via DHL as well! expected delivery tomorrow/Mon!
          (I didnt receive any email or notification though!)

  • Apparently a note 10 lite will be announced soon. Might be why the note 10 was discounted?