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Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Electric Toothbrush $10 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman (or $7.50 P/B at CW)


Thanks to kitsch for this original deal. Seems to be expired on Amazon AU but Harvey Norman still seems to have plenty of stock in Melbourne stores at least.

Or get Chemist Warehouse to price beat to $7.50 each in-store, like I and narm did. They had to manually override in the Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD store and matched it first. Had to point to the 10% price beat policy to get them to change.

Credit to NotBritishorUK for mentioning the deal in comments.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Sorry but how did $10 becomes $7.5?
    It is 10% price beat right?

    • 10% of the difference. Its $35 at Chemist Warehouse, so the difference is $25 - 10%($2.50) = $7.5

    • I just spend 30 min at CW price matching and educating the "Store Manager".
      Their excuses were
      1)we only price match other pharmacies
      2)The price reduction is too much and we dont make any profit
      3)why don't you go to Harvey Norman (HN)
      3)we might have to check HN store stock
      4)calls but the HN person refuses to check stock and tells the lady to check online.
      5)Another manager comes.. flat out refuses to pricematch/ beat.. says we will incur loss.
      6) we can only price match
      Long story short after half an hour of showing they own policy on their website and HN web site availability was able to score 2 for $15. In the end she said you have saved $47.98 in the most unpleasent way. She also made sure they remove rest of stock out from their shelves..

      • Which store in Perth?

      • dodgy practise taking the stock from the shelves.

      • +6 votes

        we beat everyone's prices*

        *except when we hide the stock

      • Same experience in Point Cook, VIC with other products so I don't bother price matching at CW

      • They did all the same thing to me. Tried to sell it to me for $10 after jumping through all the hoops. Luckily there was a girl working there who kindly remind her manager of their own store policy.

        In the end, they only allow me to buy one at $7.50 and said the rest are now priced at $10 if I want to get two.

        • why have a price beat policy if they are so unwilling to do it.. I have had bad experience in the past as well..

      • You're a legend. I hope you got as much genuine satisfaction as the manager felt annoyed. Made my day.

      • You got ripped off when you factor in the 30 minutes you'll never get back. 30 min of arguing in a chemist about a toothbrush. Sounds like the worst Friday ever.

      • hey every one that happened to me at store on Oxford st darlinghurst Sydney store manger told me at first it is not same item i had top bring up to his eye the item number then he said no they ant do it i was so upset because i have been treating badly so i contacted customer service whole morning they told me that they called store manger store manger called harvynorman and been told that $10 was missed print hahahahhahah how funny so finally been told chemist wear house cant do any thing as chemist warehouse stores are franchised why would youi put up a poliy that you cant do anything for it hahahahan anyone help me please

  • …nice. bought a couple spares as my current ones on the way out

  • Just bought two. Thank u for the posting.

  • So they cost $2.50 to make or something?

  • Do they come with Medium-hard bristles? Coz soft ones don't leave me feeling clean

  • Local HN ran out of stock, so went to CW nearby. Showed the price, no problem getting $7.50 price beat. Tried to substitute other variety - has to be same barcode.

    Grabbed a 2nd one - 2 brush heads cost more & these come with 2 brush heads😉

  • Picked up 2 with price beat too. Thanks op!

  • I like these things. been using one for a few years.

  • grabbed with price beat.
    first claimed that the harvey norman listing didn't include refills, unfortunately the description didn't state it did.
    had to zoom into the picture which showed exactly same packing and mentioning the refills on the packagaing.
    then was told to go speak to the store manager at the back.

    she wasn't happy putting two through for $15.

    • Yeah, its almost like they're hurting personally with this. The rep at Bourke st. spent 20 min with me at the register with queues through the doors, calling his colleague, then the manager, then Harvey Norman and still only matched initially. Had to avoid eye contact with people waiting throughout…

      • 20 minutes of you life, and holding up others, to save $2.50 on a toothbrush. That's the point you're supposed to realise you've taken a wrong turn somewhere in life.

        • Don’t you think you being hypocritical here? If you don’t Care about saving few bucks then what’s the point coming in here looking for deals and wasting your “precious” time.I think it’s your time too to realise that this is not the right place for you to waste your time here anymore.

          • @slackerman: no because it took 10 seconds to write post, and I was here anyway on site browsing around, I didn't hold up a store with "queues through the door" so I could boast to ozbargain about my heroic $2.50 toothbrush efforts

  • Thanks OP! Got it price beaten at CW. They tried to refuse price beating it by stating they were unable to get the closest store to tell them the price on the phone but after calling another store myself and getting them to tell me the price, showing them their own price beat policy + showing them there were lots of stores with it in stock in WA they honoured the price beat.

  • If anyone could upload a receipt, that'll be great. Having issues price matching

  • thanks, grabbed 2 for $7.50 ea without incident

  • Had to finish my Amex myki top up at Fleming ton and picked up 2 from chemist warehouse. Win, no attitude whatsoever.

  • No luck at Chemist Warehouse Hurstville (inside Westfield). They showed me an email from their boss asking their staff to stop offering a price match for this product today 😂

      • It's not covered under Australian Consumer Law.
        It's just a store policy. Stores can decide what they will or won't price match as it's their decision.

        So outside of ACCC power to do anything about.

        • not when they prominently advertise that they will beat everyone's price at their stores and online. that could be construed as false advertising.

          • @mtg: Depends on t&c of that promotion. Like most things in life, there are limits on the offer. The conditions on the site may not be the full t&c.

            But different people at different stores had different experiences. As you said the price beat for you was "without incident"! Same for me.

            CW sells a huge range of products all year round. This was an issue with 1 product on 1 day in some stores.

            That indicates it is not an issue with the organisation disregarding the promoted policy as a general rule. So it was likely a person in management, or store specific issue, on 1 day - a glitch in applying the store's own policy. (A copy of the management email denying price matching may be helpful in building a case.)

            "could be construed as false advertising"… Would likely need to be tested in court to determine. Can't see that happening (over this 1 incident - toothbrushes), unless it is a common problem & seen as in the public interest.

            So a negotiated warning would be the most likely outcome if the ACCC took up the case.

            Consider the much more serious ACCC case against Flight Centre "lowest airfares guarantee" advertising - resulted only in undertaking not to do it again for 5 years (& corrective ads)! FC did not even admit to doing anything wrong.

            ACL has been updated since then. But I think ACCC funding has been reduced, so they are wary of wasting resources on cases with little public benefit.

            Taking up disputes like this, it is handy to know the likely outcomes - will it bring about any real change? All we know for sure, it it will cost the ACCC.

            Like with anything concerning the law, others will see this differently.

            • @the INFIDEL: however, they also removed the item from the website so that it could not be matched online, implying that head management was involved as well. still offline, so harvey's current price of $19 must still be too low for them to price beat :)

              • @mtg: @HN's $19, the $35 selling price @CW would be reduced to $19-(35-19/10) = $17.40. Some may still buy at that price, if any stock exists!

                Yes, they certainly are doing their best to avoid the professionals @OzBargain from draining their profits😉

                Removing the product from sale… It's what I would have expected them to do in the first place! (Maybe 10 on shelf @CW I shopped at & I bought 2. So a few minutes work for staff at all stores.) It avoids having a price beat issue. But it wouldn't be popular here!

                It's similar to what needs to be done in other perceived attacks on businesses - to limit the loses, while maintaining loyal customers.

                We were part of an opportunistic attack on CW, using their policy to our advantage. I wouldn't have bought @$35😉

                Likely the ACCC could see the temporary suspension of a store policy on 1 product in such an event would not be perceived as false advertising, but good business sense. The policy applied to thousands of other products on the day, just not this 1.

                Similar ACL applies to incorrectly priced product - which does not need to be sold at the advertised or labelled price, if there was a pricing error.

                After yesterday's loses, I think CW might rewrite their policy.

                Pushing this too much may mean losing the price beat policy.
                That would be a loss! I never pay CW's full price😉

  • Just had the same experience at CW Strathfield. The store manager refused to price beat saying that the product is out of stock in HN even though I could prove it’s still in stock in HN Broadway. Such complete bs.

    • I just lodged a complaint at ACCC.

      • No point - price match / beat is just a store policy. Not covered under ACL. Can be withdrawn or modified at any time.

        • If your policy is to advertise price beat but then don'ts. That's deceptive conduct.

          • @thydzik: Price beat policy has conditions.

            I've never had any problems. Today showed on phone: HN page, same barcode number as CW product, stock available nearby. Didn't even need to ask for price beat. Staff were helpful. Straight away bought 2 @$7.50ea. (Max 3 by t&c)

            But if not available nearby (likely for some), t&c probably would not allow price beat.

            Near me, stock is still available & comments show still being price beaten.

            Management seem to have seen the loss due to this probably large & sustained price beating as worth stopping. That is, the adverse reaction would cost them less.
            So they seem to have suspended the price beat policy in this case.

            They could have ordered stock to be removed until HN ran out of stock.
            That would have sidestepped dealing with price beating.
            The end result would be the same - some disappointed people wanting to save a few $ off HN price.

            I notice those suggesting complaining to ACCC are from Perth. (Stock still showing many stores!)
            Maybe different management approach there? Lodge a complaint to local management & suggest social media campaign might happen😉

            Often gets better result than using ACCC, which only has limited funds to take on major public interest cases.

          • @thydzik: Temporary suspension of a store policy on 1 product for about 1 day at some stores, to prevent losses by opportunistic shoppers (like myself!), is very unlikely to be viewed by a court as deceptive conduct. But it makes good sense to protect their business.

            Thousands of other products were available for price beating on the day, just not this 1 product - at some stores.

            Deceptive conduct needs a deliberate intent to deceive. That's not the case here.

            It was a business reacting to an unforseen rush on a product, by people using the store policy to buy at a price likely below their purchase price.

            That's NOT likely to be seen as deceptive conduct by a court.

            And, it was inconsistently applied.
            Many of us got the price beat to $7.50 (101+,0-, & no retracted votes).

            Just a little disappointing to miss out on. But there are other Deals😉

  • Just purchased 6 from CW Fountain Gate, clerk just required different cards for each payment, and each transaction had a max of 2 toothbrush.

  • I have had hard time getting CW at Hay St Perth to price beat… Not something new, because I have had similar experience with them in the past in relation to price beat. They always try to evade by giving one reason or the other.

    With today's scenario, there was stock available at HN, the HN website confirmed, the clerk rang the local HN store to confirm. Then called the manager a few times, eventually after spending 15 mins said they can only price beat for 1 toothbrush. I pointed her to the policy that confirms upto 3 items, then she rang the manager again… wasted more time and eventually agreed. So yeah, not easy to price beat at CW. They would try each and everything to try avoid.

    Probably need to write a complaint to ACCC.

    • +2 votes

      Have previously had similar time wasting at their Joondalup store too. Now I dont bother and support the discounting store instead.

    • All that trouble to save $2.50 off an already cheap as chips item. Very sad.

  • Just got 1 at CW Fairfield. No dramas. They had plenty of stock on the shelf

  • Just been told HO CW has told all stores dont honour this any longer.
    Store had stock refused to sell at cheaper price
    HN still is doing click n collect just ordered 2 $10 each still cheap

  • Thanks OP.I Picked one from CW down in Adelaide street in Brisbane city.No hassle, store manger seemed quite aware about PB policy and took me to main counter and did the billing himself which saved me from repeat explaining etc. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/306009/74840/0b4a7825-...

  • Got 3 from chemist warehouse @ $7.50. They didn't know about the price match/beat policy.
    At first they said I could only buy 1. But their policy said up to 3. They gave in and probably took the rest of the stock off the shelves. 😊😂🤣

  • Harvey Norman out of stock, can't click and collect :(
    Chemist Warehouse no go in Eastland / Ringwood :(

    Bought 2 from HN with delivery for $27.95 :(

  • Thanks OP, always wanted these for my family. Snagged 3 from price beat :)

  • …ordered & payed for 2x by click & collect and still havent received a pickup notification despite order confirmation and paypal….any chance it was a price error?

    and now its back up to $19.95….

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