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20% off All 3D Printer Filament (Free Delivery over $84) @ Standard Print Co


First post after years of lurking, please be kind.

20% off all filament at Standard Print Co.

This filament has great diameter tolerances at +-0.03mm and prints really well in my Prusa. This supplier also does ECO-spools, so you can buy refils quite cheaply and re-use your empy spools.

PLA 1kg refil $22.40 ($28 with ECO-spool)
PETG 1kg refil $24 ($29.60 with ECO-spool)


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Not sure about the quality, however eSun filament is about the same price from cubictech.

    • I have used their PETG mainly, but the PLA and PETG have worked really well for me so far. I have not tried eSun before for any reference, but I do believe it prints a bit better (less stringing and better bed adhesion) than 3D Fillies, which I have used plenty of. 3D Fillies have many more colours though.

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