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Emby Premiere - Lifetime (Plex Alternative) - US $99 (~AU $144.56) - Was US $119


Emby is the alternative to Plex, with Emby Premiere being the alternative to Plexpass.
It only ever goes on sale once a year at Black Friday. US $20 off isn't much, but better than nothing.

Emby Premiere gives you:
* Offline Media (download to smartphone)
* Free mobile apps
* Styled Cover Art
* Cinema Mode
* Cloud Sync
* Emby Theatre
* Automatic file conversion
* Folder sync
* Backup & Restore
* Podcasts
* Smarthome integration

I've been using Emby over Plex as it lets me blacklist content for specific users in the house (something Plex ridiculously cannot do), and I was getting a little bit tired of the attitude of the Plex devs towards their users. Not to mention the whole Plex Privacy Policy/Telemetry data controversy a while back.

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  • 'Content' you say

  • Plex seems cheaper option

  • If I ever left kodi and the spin-offs, I think I'd use Jellyfin. Its the opensource alternative to plex.

    • I left kodi as got sick of having to manually have multiple librarys set up on android tv devices and running out of disk space etc. Plex has worked no issues out of the box, especially remote viewing has been great

  • currently using plex, would consider this as a backup at a lower special price, eg ~75usd.

  • "Plex does not support the use of ISO, IMG, Video_TS, BDMV, or other “disk image” formats. If you wish to use those with Plex, you should convert them to a compatible format."

    Emby can play them without converting.

  • FYI you can get "most" of the features of Emby Premiere with the fork Jellyfin which is free and open source.

    • Tried Jellyfin in an Unbuntu VM on my nuc but wasn't able to get it to see the shares on my Synology NAS. Gave up after a while and stuck with Plex.
      I'm sure it was something simple I missed, but setup an account on the NAS with the same username and password as I setup in Ubuntu and also tried NFS.

  • tried this.
    it's ok, but prefer Plex.
    metadata management in this is terrible

    • not

      • it's not only metadata,
        matadata is a side effect of poor matching,
        and when you have 37 seasons of something and it wont match it get tideous.
        and it's 37 season of Survivor so it's not some obscure anime my experience is with

        • Hmmm.. I was about to say I haven't had an issue with matching in a long time - but in regard to TV, all my TV goes through sonarr.

          • @bohn: what's sonar?

            i didnt mind Emby, untill i got to that bit.
            I find plex metadata/matching a lot easier.

            also, from memory i think subtitles wasn't working, it's very simple in Plex

            • @millusions: https://sonarr.tv/
              :) check it out

              personally I use Emby (or plex) as a back-end and use Kodi as a front-end.
              Using the addons Emby for Kodi or PlexKodiConnect

              That gives you great flexibility with things like subtitles and so on.
              Don't think I've watched anything through Emby directly and I've used it for years and years.

              Haven't had any metadata issues with films for years either.
              Also never paid for Emby premiere. For home use (for me) Emby free does the job fine.

        • I've gotta ask - why would you have 37 seasons of Survivor?

    • Works fine for my 2TB of personal backups dating to the 2000s.

  • This is the only one with a Windows Media Center app so until Microsoft break WMC I will stick with EMBY. Would love to try Plex or that Jellyfin but I need WMC app

    • try plex.
      have been using it for years on all OSs,
      you can download Plex Media Player for any os to play from server

      ios app is the only thing i've paid for in 8 years+

    • I too still use the dinosaur WMC, I don't think any out there that match the simplicity of its DVR.

      @millusions He meant plugins that can be access from inside WMC UI. Years back I also try Plex, it's have an unofficial plug in but the implementation was not smooth and the support discontinued.