Going Wallet-Free and Withdrawing Cash

Now that New South Wales has adopted the digital drivers licence, and Transport NSW accepts credit card (without OPAL card) for trains and buses I can leave my wallet at home and use my mobile phone for all purchases that I am likely to make on a normal day.

On the rare occasion that I need to withdraw cash I see a couple of options:

  1. Cardless cash withdrawal using my banks App and ATM
  2. Eftpos withdrawal at a merchant using contactless eftpos.

The first one is easy if there is an ATM nearby.
The second one is theoretically possible https://mobilepayments.anz.com/apple-pay/questions/#applepay...
However I have been unable to find any merchant who will accept a contactless Eftpos withdrawal.
Has anyone tried this with success?


  • Australia Post won't accept your digital driver licence FYI

  • Do you have a case on your mobile? If so find a eftpos card that doesn't have contactless and keep it in the case. Also gives you backup cash if your phone dies.

  • What happened to good old pockets in your jeans/trousers??

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      People wear jeans way too skinny to put stuff in the pockets now.

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      50% of people struggle to find clothes with pockets.

      • I think you'll find it's 51%

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    I have been without a wallet for over a year now. I withdraw using cardless cash at an ATM but never have been able to withdraw at a retailer.

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      That's because when you use Paywave or Paypass, it is choosing credit, and you can't do cash withdrawals with credit with a purchase.

  • You can't normally do contactless on check or savings accounts though (if you pay for your groceries via you phone it automatically chooses credit I think). So you may want to be careful you're not using cash advance capabilities of Credit cards. Even those visa debit cards may be treated the same

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      You can do contactless Cheque or Savings with the physical card, but not yet with a phone

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    but then where do you store the cash

    • Bra or underwear.

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        You forgot sock!

      • I suddenly see another reason for going cashless.

  • Every once in a while (maybe once every couple of months) I find an attempt to pay with my phone fails; and I have to insert a card. So I'm not quite ready to go wallet-less.

    Is paying with your phone working faultlessly for everyone else?

    • I've never had a problem with my phone or watch before. But there is always a first time for everything.

    • CBA's Albert tends to play up for me when I use my phone to pay

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        Someone must really like Albert

    • No issues with phone payments for me, Android Pay and ING.

  • I don't mind the wallet free idea. But I did have an incident in my shop over the weekend where the EFTPOS machine stopped accepting tap payments for around an hour, had a few people in who did not have cards, fortunately(for me and them) they were with people who did. Just something to keep in mind

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    Nope. Was in a shopping centre last week all the eftpos machines were down because of Telstra. Cash only sales had to find a atm.

  • Make sure to add a secondary backup contact for your google account, ie your partner or someone close by.
    If you lose your phone, you are officially FKD. There is no way to access your email or anything without your phone when you on the run.
    Your google/bank or whatever account will try to validate you with a sms and you will have no access to your SMS's.