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Sunbeam HP8555 5.5L Secretchef Slow Cooker (Cyber Monday Sale) $85.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


For fast heat up, accurate temperature control, even heat, automatic keep warm and timer preset any time, and monitor with the count down timer
The frypan allows you to brown your meat in the one pan prior to slow cooking or you can use as a stand alone frypan
Use as a frypan or a slow cooker; Slow cooker has High, Low and Auto Keep warm settings
The clever, unique, all-in-one Frypan and Slow Cooker; Sear and slow cook in the one pan without using the stovetop or use it just as a Frypan
It's handy when slow cooking, as you can brown your meats on the Frypan mode, then switch to Slow Cook mode for the remainder
Use as a Frypan or as a Slow Cooker, or if you're slow cooking, you can use both modes

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    Was quite interested. But then I learned it has a non-stick coated pot. Prefer a glazed ceramic pot.

    Very good price though - $149 on TGG.


    That's a great price.. mate of mine has one and loves it. Cooks bolognese and curries. Always top notch .

    My current basic sunbeam slow cooker is coming up on ten years now and still works well. Drats..lol


    I've used mine for the last 4 or 5 years and absolutely love it. So good for making curries.
    I agree that ceramic would be better but I'm not sure that ceramic would handle the sudden increase in temperature when searing.


    Hardly "all in one". You can get a model with pressure cooker as well for similar price.


    It looks like a good quality cooker!
    However there are bunches of YouTube videos showing how to make a slow cooked dishes with a rice cooker (save money if u have a standard sized rice cooker)