Cheapest smart watch with nfc and HR?

Not sure should this be in this category or under mobile category. Anyway what's the cheapest smart watch that can measure heart rate and have nfc payment?

I know xiaomi Mi band 4 have nfc but doesn't work here, I believe the fitbit charge 3 also have fitbit pay; is there anything else that's cheap and decently accurate on heart rate?



    Cheap products probably won't be accurate and won't last long. If you look at ebay, some smart watches are as cheap as less than $20. Aldi has special buy from this sat 7/12 and their smart watch with HR is about $50. I used Fitbit HR2 before and loved it but Fitbit only last for a year or so. When my Fitbit HR2 died, I upgraded to Fitbit HR3 and it is a much worse product than Fitbit HR2. The watch couldn't sync with the phone constantly and heart rate not accurate. My new watch lasted only about a few months then died. I had to get a warranty replacement. I will not buy Fitbit again. I rather save money and buy an Apple Watch or Garmin.