Fortnite - Creating More than One Account to Play with Kids? How to?

Kinda lost for the best way to solve this. All the (many!) google searches I did only found "merging seperate accounts" and "Cross platform accounts" related hits

I have a solid EPIC store collection (Thanks Ozbargain).

After relentless negotiating (and some strict terms) our 10 year old is now playing fortnight, and I have restricted it to the PC for now so we can monitor when he plays. He uses my existing epic store account to play (we just added and installed fortnite to the existing library - 30 gig download)

However, he has asked if we can play together - which could be quite cool - We have two gaming capable PCs (1070 and 970 Nvidia cards) which seems plenty for fortnite

Here is my quesiton: What is the best way to create multiple accounts in one household?

Do I have to create new epic store log-ins with seperate emails? or is there a way I can create sub-accounts for my existing email associated with Epic store?

I could not see any options for accounts, only to rename the username from Epic Store in Fortnite.

Advice of folks who have solved similar problems appreciated. Sure it is straight forward.


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    Do I have to create new epic store log-ins with seperate emails?

    AFAIK this is the only way to do it. It is not really complicated to do, so not sure what the issue is?

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      You'd assume a gentleman who knows what GPUs he has would know to just make a new account with a separate email..

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        Yeah. It seems the obvious answer is to create a e new account.

        I was actually expecting a family option like Apple or Android or the many games you can create different player characters.

        From a data mining and Monitization perspective it would be better to group accounts (I have a big data background)… So I guess I was over thinking this and expecting more

        Thanks to everyone. Will create a new account

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    Just make a new account using an alias of your primary account's email

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    Just create your son an account. You can then play under your username and he can then have an account and name for himself.

    If he wants to play other games, he can use your account.


    It is not possible to have two different accounts within the one residential property, just like OzBargain.

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