Head Hair Clippers for a Stubble Look

Hi all,

I usually duck off to the barber every few weeks to run the machine over the scone. I have only been doing this for a few months.

I got below a #1 (I.e no attachment used, so it’s around 1.5mm long)

Since it’s cheaper to buy clippers for home, I am now looking for a decent set.

Anyone have any recommendations.

The perfect set would be one I could use in the shower, so cordless and water resistant, but not fussed.

I’ve seen a device that you can grip in the palm as it’s circular (rather than the traditional clippers), but can’t seem to find any that go short enough.

No real budget. I just want something that works well (I.e has solid power) and easy to use



    I have one of those Vidal Sassoon Crew Cuts, the circular one you mention. I use it on the lowest setting and it's probably near 3mm. Looks wise it matches the 3mm setting on my beard trimmer. You can remove the guard completely and I think it'd be what you're after at around 1 - 2mm tops. I've heard people complain it's no good with thick hair but if you're already at stubble I think it'd be fine. I'm a bit thin anyway which is why I keep it so short and it works fine. Get several cuts from a single charge, couldn't be simpler to use and comes with a small trimmer to get into tight spots (the rim is quite thick so hard to get right up against your ears).

    Don't think it's water proof so can't be used in the shower but I just do it before jumping in the shower so I can rinse off any hairs. Literally only takes a few minutes to go over your head.

    I've been using it for several years BTW and was using regular clippers before that. Stuff giving the barber $20 (probably $30 or $40 by now) every week.


      Thanks mate.

      Good point about the circular nature of it making it hard to get into places.

      I think length is my biggest issue, I like it quite short without being bald, so I’ll have to check it out without the guard.

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    Was looking at this one yesterday, going by the comments seems decent and apparently trims down to 0.7mm too.

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/502487 - can get it for $64 if you check for doweyys comment

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      I can vouch for this model. It's great.

      You'll need to buy a small trimmer for around your ears tho.


    I use a VS x6 and it replaced basically the same model that lasted 7 years, not waterproof but goes short lasts a ;long time stays sharp and easy. 5 years warranty and decent lithium power.


    Some great feedback. I will have to check out shaver shop store


    Ideally the clippers could do 1mm and 1.5mm (or there abouts) without the attachments

    I wouldn’t want it shorter than that without the attachment.

    Maybe a more traditional clipper is the best bet?

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