How much do you pay for your hospital cover?

I have out of the box Bupa corporate hospital cover for $101 per month. It's the middle tier which covers your hip replacement, etc.

There is no Extras.

A. Just wondering if this is the normal price now? Obviously ignoring junk policies. I used to have NIB for really cheap long time ago which when tried to claim for not cover anything.

B. Are there any simple unbiased comparison sites?


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    I pay tax, taxes pay the public system.


    i thought many people are out of pocket regardless of what level of cover they have


      Of course, private health insurance is about extracting as much money from you as possible while providing as little treatment as possible. After they have you money they have no interest in treating you, duh.

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    Compare there. Bupa is notoriously one of the more expensive insurers.

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    Zero, it's what you pay tax for. Are you of the age where you need a hip replacement? If not, you have a "junk" policy. If I want something done quicker than can be done publicly, I pay for it, still out way in front than paying for private, then paying the gap fee etc on top.

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      I'm old enough that not paying for private health cover actually costs me more in tax than getting a basic policy. Using the policy on the other hand…


        Private health industry would go broke overnight if this Medicare levy surcharge was removed by legislation. Fingers crossed


      sure but i thought need to have hospital. Otherwise don't we need to pay Levy Surcharge of 1.5%?


    Find out your BUPA corporate discount %. I didn't realise there would be differences until I asked and found out my company was 7% vs my wife's which was 7.5%.

    In terms of cover, I think I'm on the same plan as you (mid hospital) but with low extras, for family (2 parents + 1 kid) and it's about $2600 p/a. on the 7.5% discount (I forget exact amount).

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    That seems like a good price.


    We have basic Hospital cover and mid extras - we pay $216 a month

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