NBN New Development Charge Waived

Has anyone had any luck waiving this $300 charge for a new property?
I haven't been able to find anything.
However I spoke to NBN just now and she insisted there are a couple of providers who do not pass this charge on to customers. She wouldn't tell me who due to needing to remain impartial…

Update: Called around a few and couldn't find any who would waive. However my existing provider Telstra gave me a $200 credit (with some pushing)

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    As somneone who used to sell NBN and then went on to work for NBN co for a (very) short time i can tell you that NBN co will never waive this fee.
    It is 100% up to the RSP and from what i experienced it is never waived, the RSP is not likley to cover this fee when their margins on NBN are already super slim.

    Good Luck though :)

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    They waive for me for been a customer for 10+ years.

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    i've only heard of one time where ABB credited a customer $300 onto their account (after they signed up with them). I heard there was a heap of problems before, which resulted in the credit

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    I managed to get Telstra to waive it but this was a long time ago - perhaps 2015, I can't remember?

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    Telstra can waive it if you sign up to a contract but see if they can do it without one, majority of RSPs will charge you it. Maybe check Belong as well.


    Thanks! No luck so far will post if that changes. Cheers

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