Can I Do Better than This Laptop?

Price $789

Dell 14 5482

Full HD IPS Touchscreen (unsure if pen enabled, possibly, possibly not, not a deal breaker)
2 in 1 design
1 x 2666MHz 8GB Ram (+1 spare slot, I know, 8th gen tops out at 2400!)
256Gb NVme SSD and Space for a 2.5" SATA SSD
Backlit Keyboard
Win 10 home
2 years on site warranty.

They do a version with the mx130/mx230 2gb and I was wondering if anyone has that model and how 'good' the graphics are, if they're only a little better than UHD620 then no point in going halfway to decent graphics.

Also wondering if anyone has an intel 10th gen in this and if that is significantly better than a previous gen i5? (the i3-10110u for example)

Use for usual stuff plus casual photo editing and powerdirector up to 1080p, nothing tremendously intensive.

Anything better out there, I'm upgrading from a 13 5000 i7-6500u I've had for about 3 years.


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    Where did you find it at that price?


      Does that mean it is a good price or good specification/can't be bettered?


        Just curious as I'm looking for a similarish laptop for the wife. Have only seen these for $1k+. Price seems pretty good for the specs. I'm personally not worried about the 8th gen processor. Full hd, touchscreen and i5 under $1k is generally pretty good from my research.

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