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HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset $131.85 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


I'm guessing this was missed last night, which would have brought it down to $118.66 via Zip payment, but in the context of $180 Arctis 7 offers, this is a great deal, and still eligible for a modest 3.5% cashback.

For those who need it, a quick comparison at RTings target curves and the raw frequency response curves shows that the Arctis 7 handles the mids a tad better, with some audiophile-ish treble peaks at 10kHz, 15kHz and 17kHz, while the Flights have slightly more desirable bass.

The Arctis 7 will be better for music with a little tweaking, but it's not worth it at $180, not even close. The Clouds will have a smoother presentation overall out of the box, but a touch recessed in the mids.

At this price, just get the Clouds and focus on a quality wired pair of headphones if you want crisp highs and a good music-listening experience. Enjoy!

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  • You seem to be quite the expect on gaming headsets. Is the Razer Nari Essential for $126.61 any good?
    Edit: Seems to be close to regular price and reviews aren't looking too good

    • I'm better with headphone curves when I have access to them, but I've not heard anything good about Razer audio, well, ever. They also look like they have a stupidly huge enclosure and cups for the driver, so expect recessed mids and treble, and overly boomy bass.

      RTings also seem to think poorly of the flagship version: https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/razer/nari-ultimat...

      So yeah, just get the Flights, or wait for the Arctis 7 to drop below $150 again.

    • Just from personal experience, the Nari had a lot of static and the mic was constantly cutting out.
      The actually headset felt HUGE (personal issue) and the sound volume was decreasing and increasing by itself.
      I returned it and said it was defective.

      I recently bought the cloud flight and it's been working perfectly. Great sound, comfortable and 30hour battery life is amazing.

      Forgot to mention the mic is average at best, but good enough for gaming.

  • I love this headset. Long life battery (with LEDs off), above-average microphone, great range and booming audio. Would recommend to others especially at this price point which is half of what I paid upon release

  • Compared to the Cloud II's would it be worth an upgrade? The headset is about to die I'm on the fence if I should get another II or go wireless.

    • These are based off the same driver as the Alphas, but retuned so the treble isn't quite so patchy. They're V-shaped in the response curve like the rest of the Cloud series, but perhaps not as dramatically.

      The Cloud IIs are basically EoL, and I've not seen them below $100 for a long time. If you want to look at wired options like the Cloud IIs, there's the Takstar Pro 80s and Takstar Pro 82s via AliExpress. Most of the Cloud series - including the Cloud IIs - use Takstar Pro 80 drivers.

      I've personally used the Takstar Pro 82s, and they are phenomenal for the price point, but only if you get the properly QA'd drivers (which normally go into the Cooler Master MH751/MH752, but the enclosure muddies up the sound):


      ^^ Those are the only vendor I know that use them, whereas the others often have driver matching issues. Between their packing method for shipping, and that extra QA, they're worth the extra $10 compared to the rest, and with AliE coupons, you should be able to get them under $80.

      • Wow thank you for so much info! I'm not too worried about the audio as I'm not an audiophile at all… I'm a bit hesitant to buy something where after-sales support would be hard to enforce.

        You have given me much to think about though, thank you!

        • I wouldn't be worried about after-sales at all, Amazon will help you there, 100%.

          Knowing Kingston, they'd probably direct you locally for support anyway.

    • +2 votes

      i had cloud 2s and bought the flights recently from jb hifi deal. I am no audiophile but if you are happy with the cloud 2s you should be happy with these. They sound about 95% similar in quality with the same kind of sound signature (good bass). Cloud flights are actually a bit lighter and more comfy but feel less sturdy because its mostly plastic unlike that thick metal band on the clouds.

      Mic sounds better than cloud 2s according to friends on discord. The best part of the headset is wireless and its really long battery life. you can walk around a medium sized house without it dropping connection. So I am extremely happy with them

  • Hmm
    This vs the corsair HS70 Pro?

    The HS70 pro's are currently available for $122.30 on amazon prime.
    They released the refresh from the HS70's about a month ago but I haven't seen many reviews or comparisons yet.

    • For the previous HS70? It's a coin flip depending on how you like to listen to music, but for movies and games it's probably the Flights. The Corsair has some big treble peaks at 8-9kHz and 12kHz.

      For the mic and battery life, it's definitely the Flights.

      • The HS70 with a marginally better build quality, scores a 7.9 on neutral sound vs 7.5 on the Flights on rtings. You seem to be favouring the Flights for sound quality still though?

        I am very impressed by the noise cancellation on the Flight mic though.

        To throw another contender in, what do you think of the G533s at a $30 lower price point?

        @TheXylis, Here's a review of the HS70 Pro: http://www.theoverclocker.com/corsair-hs70-pro-wireless/5/

        • AFAIK the RTings system doesn't follow a neutral target precisely, but something along the lines of a Harman curve hybridised with something else for the treble, and you can see more on that here:


          RTings appear to have adjusted their ratings system lately, and that's swung the Arctis 7 a fair way ahead of the Flight in their wireless ratings, but that seems to be built around latency and weight.

          For gaming/movies, the Flight probably wins through, but the HS70 is an interesting prospect when it's on sale for $100, as its battery life is comparatively crap.

          With the G533/G535, you're looking at less rolled off treble, which you might love, or you might hate depending on your music sources. They're otherwise roughly the same, both with recessed mids, it's just more pronounced in the low mids on the Flight to allow for the crossover given the design and the tuning for a bass kick. The Flights will likely handle poorly mastered/old tracks better, as it will clean out a lot of the hiss.

          Personally I would just go with Flights, Arctis 7 or the G933/G935 in that $120-$140 range, and then look at the HS70 if it's sub-$100 due to its battery life, or the G533/G535 as you've pointed out (but I don't think they can function as wired headphones, which I assume makes them a pain to use while charging).

          It's unlikely you'll hate any of them, but none of them will be perfect for all situations, and you should strongly consider each one depending on what you're predominantly doing on your PC. None of them should be used as a critical listening headphone, and all of them should be carefully consider against upcoming WiSA compliant products (there'll be more info on that during CES 2020).

  • My son just has some cheap Turtle or something headphone for his PS4 and he complaints that it doesn’t help him pinpoint where the direction other people (enemy presumably?) are coming from. I want to get him something for Xmas, will this be a good one to get? If not something else you can recommend? I’m happy to pay a bit more if required.

    • These work fine for PC & PS4, but XBox would be a struggle (I believe it disables the mic).

      Keep in mind if they're playing something like Fortnite, that's well known for not having a great deal of what's called HRTF (head-related transfer function) work done, which would give more realistic spatial properties to footsteps and gunfire. Basically they'd have trouble pinpointing things by ear if they're used to doing so in other games.

      But yeah, the Flights would be better for this compared to many options, and they'd probably get clearer audio than what they're getting from their controller headphone jack and old Turtle Beach gear. Budget audio has come a long way in the last 3-5 years.

  • Is the LED RGB?

    • No, it's red only, and you get way more battery life with it disabled (same for any wireless headset).