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Free - 137 Udemy Courses @ Udemy


Been a while since I've shared a Udemy deal. Here's 137 free courses (coupon codes in URL).

Credit to Chollometro

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  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP.. had a couple pop up as not free but you are spot on with 99%. Thanks heaps mate. Added a heap of them.

    Edit.. Not free


  • This is gone:
    SQL Crash Course for beginners - Learn SQL with MySQL

  • Thanks DB, getting close to 1000 courses!

  • I've had enough of video courses. the pacing is always wrong for me; too fast or too slow. Some of them have accents which make it even more difficult to concentrate on the content.

    I much prefer a well written text course which goes through building an actual working useful project. I can power through bits I know and take my time on bits where I can actually learn. I don't need or want a certificate at the end of it, I just want to learn.

  • Logo Design is no longer free.

  • Gone-
    Blissful Real Estate Investing
    Canva 2019 Beginner Masterclass to Grow Your Business
    Exploring VirBELA 3D University Campus: Virtual Adventure
    Flutter API & JSON Course Build Real ios&Android(4 Real App)

  • Thanks OP, these expired:
    Logo Design for Business Owners - Your Step-by-step Guide
    Blissful Real Estate Investing
    Canva 2019 Beginner Masterclass to Grow Your Business
    Dropshipping Hacking: Create eBay DropShip Business Fast
    Exploring VirBELA 3D University Campus: Virtual Adventure
    HTML5 & CSS3 for Beginners | The Ultimate Guide
    Learn Basic InDesign

  • thanks for the monthly learning

  • This is a good time to look for courses. If the one you want is not free, it is probably only A$10.99

    See example here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/502494.

    • Yeah I bought a few lately, but I had to create a new Udemy account since my old one was drowning in freebies.

      It's the only thing I can think to use Google Rewards money on since I don't really buy apps. Have to get something out of selling my privacy, right?

      I'm not sure they're worth the hundreds they "retail" for, but when they're on sale around 10-20 that's a different story.

      Game programming have a few with Ben Tristem that are pretty good. I'd recommend those if you have some programming experience that's either out-of-date or not specific to the subject.

      There's also a good Blender 3D guy called Darrin Lile, suitable for complete beginners.

      • Good call on the second account idea, I should have done this so I could tell apart the ones I actually paid for and the freebies I got. :/

        I just picked up the Unreal Engine Game Development Humble bundle with Ben Tristem (got a few of his other unity courses) for about $30AU which includes several courses and assets, I mainly grabbed it for the Math for games course which is early access only at the moment and the Multiplayer course. It's still available until about 5am tomorrow.


        I bought Darrin Lile's Character Course a little while back. Hoping to dig into that one leading up to xmas. :)

  • There's a lot of courses to Learn in the middle.

    Now gone-
    Photoshop essentials in 90min plus workshops
    PHP Registration Form, Email Confirmation & Responsive Email

  • Gone
    SQL Crash Course for beginners - Learn SQL with MySQL
    The Chelsea Money Coach Wealth Mastery: Pillar 1: Clarity

  • That took a while to enrol. Thanks OP!

  • Thank you webcomic-avatar thing.
    The following are no longer free:
    Multiple Streams of Realtor Income – Real Estate Investing
    Street Workout From Beginner to Advanced

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for the "Automate with Python" one to come back up again after having missed the window previously.

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