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Electrolux Origin C9 Vacuum Cleaner - Grey for $327 @ Harvey Norman


With a sealed filtration system and a bagless design, the Electrolux Origin C9 Vacuum Cleaner is a handy cleaning equipment for conveniently getting rid of dust, debris, and allergens throughout your home.

Key Features

  • Powerful suction performance with air speeds reaching up to 155km for efficient dirt and dust pick-up

  • Seven-stage sealed filtration system along with a HEPA and 3D fine dust filters work together to capture allergens and small particles in the air without compromising on suction performance

  • Precision handling and large, easy-roll wheels make manoeuvring a breeze

  • Large 1.6L dustbin reduces the need for frequent emptying

  • Easy Empty system and a single access point for the filters allow you to maintain it with minimal hassle

I am not sure if it comes with any attachments, here's a promotional video about the product by electrolux

The Good Guys selling the same item for $399, so if you are buying from them, get them to price match Harvey Norman and use the 10% discount they are doing for Black Friday ( code: BLACK). It could come to $294.3

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    This looks like my old ultracaptic which was far better than my new miele cx1 blizzard except for the weight and it has good reviews so would have bought it

    • +1 vote

      I still have an old ultraactive from years ago. Just remember to replace the HEPA filter occasionally before the filter hardens and makes the motor overheat. Best 300$ I ever spent on a vacuum. Circa 2011!


    Seems in Slovakia wife still does all the house chores.