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Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit $244.99 (Was $350) @ Nike Online


Great shoes for running. Had been cheaper than this previously.

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  • limited sizes

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  • Was closer to 200 during black Friday.
    Limited sizes left now (mostly smaller)

  • 244?

  • Any reason why this shoe is so expensive?

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      u can run under 2hrs in a full marathon with this beast

      • love it - a world champion marathon runner on ozbargain

      • nah that is next%, with these you will go just slightly over.

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      They've actually been proven to improve long distance running times. The world records for men and women are in these shoes. The four fastest mens times in history have been set in these shoes in the last two years. Obviously athletes are always improving through better technology, training, diet etc. But it seems pretty clear that these are helping.

      Would it make a difference for my fat ass going for a jog around the block? Not really.

      • Actually, the long distance records set in the last couple of years have been in the next iteration of this shoe - Vaporfly Next%.

        Saying that, the 4% are great.

  • bought a pair of zoom fly flyknit (skim version of 4%) in a US outlet for 52 USD, loved every single bit of it when running.

    4% can only be better if not much better. PS I have owned and run on mizuno prophecy 4, energy boost, pure boost, adizero, etc.

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