[SA] 1 Free Beer a Day + 10% Meal Discounts at Participating SA Bars Only for $119 Per Year Membership to First Beer Club


First Beer Club is a club of dedicated lovers of beer. For yearly membership of $119 you get the right (but not the obligation!) to get a beer free of charge at numerous bars/breweries across Adelaide. In addition you can get 10% off a meal (if available), 10% off your second and third beers. Use via the club's web app: app.thefirstbeerclub.com.au The club just just gone live. There are 20 venues signed up to the First Beer Club and they're going live as they get trained up this week.

Most tap beers are included (i.e beers that don't cost more than 20% above a standard beer's price).
You can choose any bar on any day (a couple of the breweries only allow 1 beer per month, but on other days you can go to any other venue).

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    This idea has potential but there is a risk for customers paying $119 upfront for a new service.
    You might have more customer uptake offering a monthly subscription

    Best of luck!


      The club now has a monthy membership option for $17. New members can sign up and redeem a free beer and discounts straight away, getting more than half of the monthly cost straight up!

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    Give you a thumbs up because it's a novel idea and I'd be around it if it was in Sydney. Agree with above poster that subscription based would ease some concerns(I'd even be willing to pay a premium - maybe $15-$20 a month)

    Assuming the company doesn't go under — if you usually go to the pub on a Friday and have 1 beer a work week, that's 40+ beers a year. At $5 a beer, it'd be close to $200. So yeah if I frequented/worked near any of these pubs I'd get around it.

    And that's excluding any other savings… I'm no Adelaide local though, these venues may be crap, but beer is beer.


    How do you find out the deal at each brewery? For example the Big Shed Brewery?


    If I wasn't trying to curb my drinking I'd probably jump at this…

    link to Disney if under 18 hahaha (not sure how much Disney would love that:))

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    Great concept - hopefully it will grow exponentially as more pubs come onboard, perhaps consider getting early birds on board by offering a referral program.


    First Beer Club's App can be obtained from here: app.thefirstbeerclub.com.au

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