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Up to $400 EFTPOS Gift Card with Selected Optus Plans @ Harvey Norman


I went into the Garden City store today for a new phone. Ported from Virgin and got the S10e 128GB on the old Optus 59 plan (30GB data, $64 total) as according to the sales person, only Harvey Norman stores still have access to these plans.

Combined it with their Optus EFTPOS card promo and got $300. They said if I were to buy it on an 85 or higher plan I'd get $400 but I didn't need that much data or international calls.

Seemed to be a pretty good deal.

Mod: More information here in the anonymous deal thread.

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Harvey Norman

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    Hi, May you have any other information like more details regarding that?


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      Basically all the old Optus plans that finished last month are still available for limited time at Harvey Norman. Cant find the pricing online as Optus stores only have access to the new simonly Build your own sim plans etc. etc.

      Notable mentions - All eligible for EFT card if its a new service (port, prepaid to postpaid, new number)
      EDIT: Gift Card values vary.

      THeres an Anon post with all the details mod should link it soon.

      $49 promo plan (10gb)
      A50 = $0
      Iphone 7 32 = $0
      Pixel 3 64gb = $0

      $59 Promo PLan (30gb)
      S10e 128gb = $5 per month
      P30 = $0 per month
      P30 Pro = $15 per month
      Note 9 128 = $0

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    Is the gift card promo available with 12 months sim only plan too ?


    Note 10+ part of this deal?


    When does this deal expire?
    Hoping I would have enough time to Port out and back in!


    Does Harvey Norman offer the trade in service - after 12 months on a plan you pay roughly $149 and you can upgrade to a new plan? I woul dlike to do this if the Gift card is still applicable.


      Its only for new services to new customers or existing accounts, not avail on existing number upgrades/recontracts


    Do you have a list of iPhone plans for this? Website says nothing and the salesrep when I called was not that useful either


    Wow, the new Optus plans are a disaster! People coming out of contracts over the next 2 years will have an awful shock at how high plans are going, and the way the prices are quoted are deceiving.. ie (Minimum costs are now over 36 months and only include 1st months plan price)…

    More than ever this deal deserves a heap of +++ as it may be the last of good times and great classic plans. (Optus)

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      Agree. Ive havent seen this massive of a shift toward non subsidy ever. Very limited opportunity, we @ HN/Domayne/JoyceMayne pretty lucky to get the extension or "grace" period of the old plans… scary stuff ahead..


    Hi all, is the deal still going?
    Rep said 24/12 above but ozbargain still listing as active?

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