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[WA] DiDi Rideshare $20 Voucher | 50% off 3 Rides - New Users Only


DiDi Australia is giving $20 voucher and 50% of 3 ride - I think the National wide.
the voucher are in 3 instalments - $10, $5, $5 so you'll get the full $20 off after 3 rides.
Not sure about the 50% off 3 rides, I am assuming this will kick in after you finished the $ vouchers.

The Rate for the ride are similar to Uber, but the drivers only get deducted 10% instead of approx. 25% for Uber

Most ride share drivers basically drive for all three main players (Uber, Didi and Ola) so pretty easy to get one. I took 2 trips today, found me within 5 min.

To get the voucher, you register from an Apps and then go to the site, submit your mobile number and get the 3 vouchers added to your account

very handy for all these Xmas functions

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